Letter to the Editor: Protect Lowell’s Scout Park

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To the citizens of Lowell:

We are writing to alert citizens concerned about protecting Lowell’s Scout Park that new developments may be taking place as soon as January 2023. The Lowell City Council will meet on Jan. 3 at 7:00 p.m. in City Hall, and we understand that City Manager Mike Burns intends to share options for the disposition of the recently vacated City-owned house and nearly 4 acres of adjacent land at 990 N. Washington St.. This property is surrounded by Scout Park, and was originally intended by the City Council to be part of Scout Park when it was designated in 2007. Although the current City Council has yet to make a decision on the property’s disposition, the sale and/or development of these 4 acres is a possibility and likely an option being considered.

The Lowell Scout Park Association (LSPA) believes that the City should honor the intent of the original 2007 vision to include this property in Scout Park. Any sale or development would adversely affect Scout Park. It would significantly impact its unique natural setting and its users, including hikers on the North Country National Scenic Trail and the Scouts who have been using the Park for training and meeting for well over 50 years. While the City of Lowell is blessed with a robust park system, Scout Park is unique in its natural features. Such a setting could never be replaced if it were compromised.

The citizens of Lowell and the surrounding area highly value this unique natural park for both its special features as well as how Scout Park contributes to our quality of life. This concern was amply demonstrated in the recently completed City of Lowell Parks and Recreation Master Plan. We are encouraging Lowell’s citizens to attend the Jan. 3 City Council meeting and communicate how they feel about any sale or development of this property, and to support its inclusion as part of Scout Park.

More information and background can be found on the Lowell Scout Park Association Facebook page. If you “like” the page, you will get updates on news and events affecting the property. Please join us on Jan. 3, and help protect Lowell’s Scout Park for future generations.

Bruce E. Matthews

Lowell Scout Park Association

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