Letter to the Editor: Thoughts on Legislator Comments About Marriage

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After reading articles detailing prominent Republican Representative Lauren Boebert’s divorce and news that her son previously called police over domestic violence with her husband, I was sadly reminded of our representative Albert’s words in rebuttal to repealing outdated laws regarding domestic partnerships a few short weeks ago. I want to know if Rep. Boebert’s situation is what Rep. Albert was referring to when describing marriages where the “only refuge available is a tiny bathroom.”

Would he smile in her face the same way he smirked at the chamber while telling her that she should rethink her divorce and weather the storm of her husband’s emotions for the good of her abused son?

Scott Van Zile
Lowell, MI

Editor’s note: This letter is referencing comments made by Michigan Senator Thomas Albert regarding his opposition to Senate Bill 56 which would repeal a provision of Michigan law that makes cohabitation illegal.

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