As of September 15, 2021, the Kent County Health Department reports 75,635 total cases of COVID-19, of which 5,760 are active. The department further breaks down those numbers by municipality and zip code.

By zip code, local cumulative cases are as follows:

  • 49331 — 1,464
  • 49301 — 1,745
  • 49302 — 841

By municipality, local cumulative cases are as follows:

  • City of Lowell — 507
  • Ada Township — 1.270
  • Bowne Township — 406
  • Vergennes Township — 453
  • Lowell Township — 445
  • Grattan Township — 331

Vaccines for COVID-19 were first approved for use late in 2020 and, as of May 2021, all Michigan residents age 12 and older are eligible to receive the vaccine if they wish. Of the three vaccines currently approved, two require two doses to be fully effective.

Currently, 64.5% of Kent County residents are fully vaccinated and 48.8% of Ionia County residents are fully vaccinated, per data available through the Kent County Health Department. Percentages refer to population older than age 16.

The State of Michigan tracks cases of COVID-19 in long-term care facilities. Their data was last updated to include cases through September 7, 2021.

Facility                                      Resident New       Resident Cumulative        Staff New       Staff Cumulative                   Deaths

Laurels of Kent                                0                                            36                              0                            38                                    12(residents)

Maple Ridge Manor                        0                                              5                               0                           15                                     1 (resident)

Fountain View                                 0                                              29                              0                             18                                  5(residents)

Green Acres                                     0                                                4                              0                            14                                   0

The State of Michigan tracks school-related outbreaks of COVID-19 as well. An outbreak is defined as two or more cases of COVID-19 among people who are from different households and have shared exposure on school grounds. No outbreaks have been recorded for Lowell Area Schools in 2021.

Kent County Health Department tracks COVID-19 data by school district and currently, Lowell Area Schools has a 7-day transmission rate of 261 cases per 100,000 people. Anything greater than 100 cases per 100,000 residents is considered a high transmission area. Among residents living in the school district, 67% of those age 16 and older are vaccinated while 48% of those age 12-17 are vaccinated.