Lowell Alum Finds Calling in the MI Army National Guard

Photo courtesy of Logan Hesche

Lowell Area Schools alumni fan out across the state, country and even the world after graduation. While many have a general idea of where they’d like to land after completing their high school education, that path isn’t always apparent immediately.

In Logan Hesche’s case, it wasn’t until he reached his sophomore year in college that he began to see more clearly the direction he’d like to take.

“I had a feeling for a long time that I wanted to do some military service,” he explains.

In his second year at Western Michigan University, he followed that feeling and enrolled in the Michigan Army National Guard ROTC. It opened up a new world for him, and now, he says he wouldn’t mind making this his career.

Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant

Photo courtesy of Logan Hesche

After enrolling in ROTC in 2021, Hesche headed off to boot camp and served as an enlisted cadet, eventually reaching the rank of specialist E-4. At the start of this year, he graduated from WMU and was commissioned as a second lieutenant with a six-year commitment to serve.

While Hesche will be free to move on from the National Guard after his commitment is complete, he’s not sure he’ll want to. “I didn’t expect to find such a community there,” he shares. “Right now, I’m looking for a full-time National Guard (job).”

So far, during his time with the guard, his experience has included being part of a multi-launch rocket system crew and a M777 howitzer battery. As a fire directions officer, Hesche leads a team of 20 soldiers and works with five subordinate leaders.

Through it all, he has developed a deep appreciation for the role of the National Guard and his colleagues. “My big passion is supporting the different facets of the guard,” he says.

When not completing duties as part of the Michigan Army National Guard, Heshe works at a 5/3 Bank in East Lansing. His job there has also spurred an interest in studying more about finance.

Grateful for Values Instilled in Lowell

Photo courtesy of Logan Hesche

As a student at Lowell High School, Hesche was part of the marching band and a member of Boy Scout Troop 102, where he achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. He graduated as part of the Class of 2019 and appreciates the “great foundation (of) values” that he received in Lowell.

“I probably wouldn’t be the person I am,” he says. Speaking of the Boy Scouts, Hesche notes: “It really did change my life for the better.”

Born and raised in Lowell, Hesche exemplifies the Lowell Area Schools motto: Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow, Red Arrows for Life.

We wish Hesche all the best for success in whatever life may lead him to next!

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