Lowell Area Fire Department Upgrades to EMT Basic Life Support License

We received the following press release from the Lowell Area Fire Department.


It is the goal of all members of the Lowell Area Fire Department to constantly improve on the skill and services we offer to our community partners and citizens. Over the years we have increased our in-house training hours as well as taken an active approach to being involved with trainings offered outside of our own department in West Michigan and around the US. We are regularly investigating and evaluating gear and equipment that can improve on the response we provide.

Over the last three years our staff has worked diligently to move our organization to the next level on many fronts. We now have eight members who have completed the Michigan Firefighter Training Council Fire Instructor 1 program as well as one member completing the Michigan Firefighter Training Council Fire Instructor 2 program. The actions of these members will ensure that we are striving to provide the best quality fire service training to our staff so that they may be well prepared when called upon.

Over the years the greatest demand on your local Fire Department has shifted from responding only to fires to now include crashes, medical emergencies and much more. In 2021 73% of emergency requests for services of the Lowell Area Fire Department were medical emergencies. With such a high demand for emergency medical services, it was clear that improvements as to how we handle these requests were needed.

In 2021 members of your Lowell Area Fire Department began working to upgrade our state agency license from Medical First Responder to EMT Basic Life Support. This change required a large number of our members to train to the new level of care and it required the Fire Authority to invest in new equipment. This upgrade places tools and skills into the hand of our responders that we previously did not have to provide for a higher level of care to you our customer.

We are pleased to announce that as of May 17, 2022 we have officially upgraded our license to EMT and have begun to provide one more improved service to the citizens of Lowell Township, Vergennes Township, and the City of Lowell. It is through the hard work and dedication to our community by the staff of the Lowell Area Fire Department that this improvement is possible.

We look forward to continuing to build on the services we provide to this great community.

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