Lowell Cars and Coffee has Successful Launch

Cory Deeds, owner of eMotion Controls held the first Lowell Cars and Coffee event.

Saturday, May 5th turned out to be the perfect day for the launch of Lowell Cars and Coffee.   The event, hosted by Cory Deeds in the parking lot of eMotion Controls is new to Lowell.  Shortly after the sun arose, cars of all makes and models started to enter the parking lot.   Their owners grabbed a quick cup of coffee and sparked up some friendly conversations with the other attendees.   The event was free to all, and very successful for its first day.

High performance machines on display.

This eclectic group of cars included muscle cars, old Ford trucks, racing cars as well as a Rocket Car.   Several attendees expressed their excitement over the event, stating that they have attended other Cars and Coffee events and will be sure to return if Deeds continues to host them.  Many had stated that they had noticed the “Cars and Coffee” sign a few days prior while driving through Lowell and made a special trip back to attend.

Old Ford Truck
The Ford Truck of years past was nicely represented.

Cars and Coffee has become a world wide social event for car enthusiasts.   Born in Irvine California back in 2006, it was a casual, free event where car lovers could gather and talk over a morning cup of coffee.   The event was so successful, that it was eventually shut down in 2014 due to the traffic backups it caused on the highway.    Although this location has shut down, what was created will live on through its duplication all over the world.

A quick internet search reveals that nearly every weekend, somewhere in the world, a Cars and Coffee event is drawing in crowds.   You don’t have to be a motor head to attend.   The most novice car enthusiast can appreciate the assortment of automobiles assembled at one location.  Most of the cars are owned by local residents who are happy to share stories about their car.

Mini Cooper S
The Mini Cooper S


A Rocket Car, owned by Dean Hyzer caught the attention of those who love racing.   Hyzer explained that his Rocket car consumes 13 gallons of fuel per minute.

The Mini Cooper S had many onlookers.   Most were surprised at the roomy interior of what seemed to be a matchbox sized vehicle.

Rocket Car
Something a little different. The Rocket Car, owned by Dean Hyzer.

In other communities, the Coffee and Cars events have become a monthly attraction where neighbors with a common interest get to know each other better.    Cory Deeds, the host of the Lowell Cars and Coffee felt that the first event was a success and said he believes he will be hosting it again.    There are no tickets or reservations required.

To attend the next Cars and Coffee event in Lowell, check in at the Facebook site for more upcoming dates.

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