Lowell CROP Hunger Walk 2022

We received the following press release about this year’s CROP Hunger Walk.

The CROP Hunger Walk is a nationwide movement sponsored by Church World Service to raise funds to end hunger and poverty in the U.S. and around the world.  There are local Walk events like the one in Lowell, while others join the National Walk and choose their own location and experience.  CROP Walk helps to fight against the challenges of disease, disaster, displacement and other concerns that leave people hungry.  Join us as we walk to show support for the elimination of hunger and raise funds to help our neighbors in Lowell and around the world get the meals they need today and sustainable food security for tomorrow.

And the CROP Hunger Walk does more than just supply people with healthy food and water.  Through CWS resources, funds raised by CROP Walk teach people how to do things like plant and raise a garden, build a well, care for animals like chickens and goats and then use those resources to share with others in their communities.  Helping people to build a renewable future for themselves and their families is at the core of CROP Walk.

A wonderful thing about CROP Walk is that 20% of all monies raised stay right here in Lowell by being given to FROM (Flat River Outreach Ministries), and 5% of all monies raised goes to Senior Neighbors!  So you are making a true impact on the lives of people you may see in your daily life.

And CROP Walk is open to everyone.  All that is required is you to feel a need to help other people who simply don’t have easy access – if any – to enough healthy food and water every day.  The important thing is to take action as you feel moved to do so!

Join online where you can donate, set up your own Team, and get more information.  The main site is https://events.crophungerwalk.org/2022/event/lowellmi.  And join us in person on Sunday May 1st at 12:30 PM at the Lowell United Methodist Church in town, where you can walk with a group on a safely marked route through town.  Or walk wherever and whenever you please – maybe take a video and post it online!

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