Lowell Eats Aims at Keeping the Community Informed about Area Restaurants

Mindy Dyk and her husband, Eric, are self-proclaimed “foodies” and enjoy picking new things to eat outside their comfort zone. Their family also includes a daughter who is five and a son who is one. They refer to their love of trying new restaurants and foods as “Adventures in Eating”. For months Dyk has been wondering how she could help Lowell community restaurants more than just ordering take out. She has also noticed many posts in locally based groups on Facebook where people have asked if certain restaurants are open, whether a menu is available online, and who delivers. Because of her love of food and wanting to help answer some of the questions she sees, Lowell Eats was created.

A graphic designer by day, Dyk has worked for large corporations and is currently employed by a financial institution. The idea of this new website stemmed from Dyk’s background in digital design and her own following of food blogs and influencers in the industry. She looks to cater to anyone interested in information about restaurants with a Lowell address. Her website showcases links to restaurant websites, hours of operation, contact information, menu, social media posts, and more. The blog portion of the website will offer posts to include reviews, signature dishes, the impacts of COVID, and opinion pieces. Other information shared could feature home based food businesses, baked goods, meal prep, and more.

When asked what she hopes to accomplish with Lowell Eats, Dyk replied, “I want restaurants to feel the love and support of their community. When all of this [pandemic] is over, I want every restaurant in Lowell to still be here.” She’s eager to bring some enthusiasm to support and bring additional business to restaurants. “I want more restaurant owners to open up their businesses in Lowell because they see such an amazing community. I want Lowell to be a good destination. Maybe news will get out and people from outside the community will start pouring in.” After reading many local stories of community members paying it forward at restaurants, Dyk feels this is her way to do some of the same.

Lowell Eats is still a work in progress. While many local establishments are already captured, the list is not complete. Dyk plans on adding fast food locations as well saying, “Sometimes I think that fast food places get a bad rap, but a lot of times those places are still owned or managed by local people and they employ people from our community so they deserve to be included as well.” Guidelines for being included on the website include a restaurant having a Lowell address, an establishment where a meal can be ordered to eat, and the business has a retail storefront. 

For those already listed on Lowell Eats, Dyk has reached out to the owner by phone, in person, email, or social media. Many have been surprised that there is no cost to be listed on the site. The site will continue to grow and morph depending on response and feedback from restaurants and those in the community wanting to know information about where they can get food in Lowell. Dyk will be tracking analytics as one method of seeing what works and what people are interested in as individuals visit her site.

Those looking for information on local restaurants can obtain information at Lowell Eats. Information is also shared on Facebook and Instagram.

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