Lowell Education Association Scholarship Applications Due Friday

Each year the Lowell Education Association (LEA) gives scholarships to students.  These scholarships are made possible “thanks to the generosity of our Lowell staff” according to Lindsay Bredin, LEA Scholarship Chair.  Bredin has been involved in the Lowell Area Schools union for 10 years but this is her second year overseeing scholarships, which have been handed out to students for over three decades.  

Giving Back to Lowell Elementary and Middle School Students
Last year, 58 LEA members made it possible for over $5,000 to be available in the form of scholarships for students.  Teachers donate a portion of their own paycheck to support the funds available for academic scholarships. Applications for students entering grades K-8 in the fall are eligible to apply.  Awards will be given to those participating in an academic program. Sports and church camps are not eligible. Scholarships “are given in amounts not to exceed 50% or $100 of the total cost of the program” as stated on 2018 Academic Scholarship information created by LEA.  

In past years, programs applicants have participated in include Lowell Schools Summer Academic Programs, John Ball Zoo School, Wittenbach camps and programs, Civic Arts Theater Day Camp, Meijer Gardens Summer Camp, Bricks 4 Kidz Camp and Grand Rapids Public Museum Camp Curious.

These scholarships are available to encourage students to continue academic enrichment during the summer months.  There is a limit of one application per child. Multiple children in the same family are encouraged to apply. Last year 18 Elementary Summer Scholarships were awarded totaling $620 and 14 Middle School Summer Scholarships were given adding up to $805.  

Scholarships for High School Students
In addition to funds available for students in elementary and middle school, four scholarships are given to high school seniors.  One $500 LEA Dependent scholarship is awarded each year. The staff member must be in good standing with the LEA organization. Another $500 award is the LEA Leadership scholarship to a student who has shown exceptional leadership skills.  The $750 Sue Burt Scholarship is given to a high school senior looking to pursue a career in education. Finally, two Mary Shull Scholarships in the amount of $500 each are presented to special education students with a current Individualized Education Plan (IEP).  

High school senior applications were reviewed and winners were selected based upon a completed and grammatically correct form, well-rounded activities, student essay answering the prompt “One thing I would change about Lowell High School is…”, and teacher recommendations.  Sam Russell received the LEA Dependent Scholarship, Garret Taylor was awarded the LEA Leadership Scholarship, and Alyssa McIntyre won the Sue Burt Scholarship. Recipients of the two Mary Shull Scholarships are kept private due to the confidentiality of the IEP.

Submit an Application
Time is running out to submit an application for consideration this year.  Applications are due by Friday, April 27.  They should be sent to Lowell High School to the attention of Lindsay Bredin or mailed to Bredin at 718 Riverside Drive, Lowell, MI  49331.

It will take approximately 2 weeks for applicants to find out whether or not an award was received and in what amount.  It is up to parents to ensure the program for which money was award is attended. Should an applicant decide not to use scholarship funds they should be returned to Bredin so it can be awarded to another student.  

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