Lowell Light and Power Announces Greater Features, Convenience with New Customer Portal

We received the following press release from Lowell Light & Power.


Lowell Light and Power has announced the rollout of a new and improved Customer Portal. Features like Pay by Text, Paperless Billing, AutoPay and Scheduled Payments offer greater convenience to customers, and the new system is simpler and easier to use than the previous portal.

“We strive to provide incredible service to our customers, and we know they’ll enjoy the simplicity of this new tool. LL&P customers can now manage multiple accounts with one login, will receive emailed statements, reminders and receipts, and have access to a Bill Calculator. We’re happy to provide additional options for making payments as well, including PayPal, GooglePay and ApplePay,” said Charlie West, General Manager of Lowell Light & Power.

Lowell Light & Power will be hosting giveaways in the coming months for those who use the Portal; complete details will be posted to Lowell-light.org and Facebook. LL&P will also be sharing about the new Customer Portal and giving away lighting kits at the Lowell Community Expo on Saturday, March 26th.

The portal can be accessed through the Lowell Light & Power website.

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