The Lowell Local Saver Experience

A new local publication found its way into mailboxes this month.  Lowell Local Saver, first published on November 7, is a monthly staple for Lowell area residents.  Inspired by Rudy and Lori Smith of A-1 Laser, Die and Engineering, Brad Wade saw what a family business could do to give back to the Lowell community.  The Smiths’ efforts sponsoring Relay for Life were well noted while he worked for them.

The Brief History in Coupons

The use of a coupon to help market a product is not new.  Coca-Cola is thought to be the first company to offer a coupon to consumers.  In 1888 coupons for a free drink were mailed to potential customers and placed in magazines.  Businesses have continued to use this marketing method as a means to gain new customers or bring back those who haven’t purchased recently by offering a discount.

With the development of technology the life of a coupon has changed.  The internet has made finding a deal quite easy.  But when it comes to local small businesses competition with box stores and chain restaurants can be a challenge.  National and international companies have taken steps to have a greater online presence when it comes to coupons and discounts.  A printed coupon still drives consumers to local entrepreneurs.

A Local Business Helping Businesses

The Wade family has experience promoting local establishments.  After living in Lowell for 12 years they moved to South Carolina.  It was there in the Summerville community their first publication helped local businesses gain new customers.  Upon returning to Lowell the family’s mission continued.  “After seeing how well it worked in SC, we felt compelled to bring the business back to Lowell where our hearts belonged, and to show support of the businesses, churches and community that we love so much.” explains Brad Wade, Owner and Publisher of the Lowell Local Saver.  “So far it’s been good. Change is often associated with discomfort… I would like change that misconception. We plan on introducing a positive publication, that is attractive, and interactive with our community.”

The monthly publication will offer discounts and coupons as well as information on local businesses.  It will reach 10,000 homes.  This month a total of 6,600 copies were mailed in the community.  An additional 3,400 were sent to homes in Saranac.  Each month a different neighboring community will be selected to receive 3,400 copies as a method to encourage new faces in Lowell from the surrounding areas.

More than Business Information

The Lowell Local Saver isn’t your typical coupon book.  It’s more like a monthly magazine you look forward to browsing through rather than a weekly or monthly publication which often is cast aside without turning a page to see what’s inside.  The glossy paper and all color ads are attractive to the eyes while things like a crossword puzzle, brain teaser, or word search lets readers interact.  It’s an experience which leaves readers eager for the next edition.

“Did You Know?” snippets are sure to be a favorite.  Wade got the idea from his cousin, who has been using it in his business publications for 23 years. “It keeps the reader interested in the publication, and a lot of people love those things. The “Did You Know?” & Fun Facts, have indeed been a positive part in our feedback. We mistakenly forgot to add them to a publication one month in SC, and boy did we get phone calls & feedback that month. But….. we did in fact prove to ourselves that people were reading our magazine.” says Brad of the interesting facts also found in Lowell Local Saver which encourages readers to flip through the pages.   The Wade children, Madison, 13 and Mason, 11 are given the task of coming up with “Did You Know?” and Fun Facts each month.  The younger generation in the Wade family take pride in their contribution while their parents are teaching them how work can be a positive influence.

wade-local-saverA Positive Reception

There has been only one printing thus far but the positive feedback has already been making its way to the Wade family.  Some local businesses have already seen an increase in sales and new customers and there has been a buzz around town as residents wonder what this new publication is all about.

Erin VanEpps, owner of Main Street BBQ in Lowell, placed an ad in the first Lowell Local Saver.  “I decided to advertise with them because I like to help new small businesses succeed. The Lowell community has been so supportive of Main Street BBQ, I enjoying being able to give back.” says VanEpps.  She says the BBQ had coupons show up the first day they were received in the mail and they’ve had more used from this publication than any other they’ve used.

Brad is grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the community.  “Our family would like to thank everyone in Lowell who had read our publication and used the coupons offered by the Locally owned businesses. We would also like to thank those businesses who helped us begin our dream here in Lowell by allowing us to serve them.”  Businesses interested in advertising can contact Brad Wade by phone at 616-894-6350 or email at [email protected]  More information about the publication can also be found at their Facebook page.  Look for the next edition of Lowell Local Saver to reach your mailbox in December.

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