Lowell Police Department: January Incident Highlights

During the month of January the Lowell Police Department (LPD) responded to 11 medicals and 13 accidents.  Other highlights from a busy month are below.

The year started off with a response to a bar fight in progress at 1:30am.  Upon arrival a male was found on the ground with blood on his face.  Witnesses said he had too much to drink.  The suspect wouldn’t tell the officer who he was.  While interviewing witnesses, the suspect got up and started acting belligerent.  Witnesses said the bartender cut off the suspect’s drinking.  He did not like this decision and began flipping tables.  His friends tried to get him to leave.  When the suspect shoved the wife of a patron he was then hit, causing the blood on his face.  He was treated by paramedics and taken to the hospital.  He was charged with assault and battery and misconduct.  

LPD assisted the Kent County Sheriff’s Department on a domestic call.  A male and female were in a garage with their kids when officers arrived.  The male half of the couple was arrested on domestic violence charges and taken to jail by the Kent County Sheriff.  

A person who was wanted decided to turn himself in.  He called the police department and indicated he was at Dollar General.  He had a warrant out for his arrest for resisting and obstructing.  Once he was taken to jail he told people he has swallowed 1mg of meth.  He was taken to the hospital where he became aggressive and hostile, ripped out his IV and Butterworth Police needed to get him back in bed and secured with restraints.  He was sedated and admitted to the hospital and released into their custody.  

During a traffic stop for a vehicle not having headlights on, a smell of marijuana was coming from the vehicle.  The driver first denied smoking but later admitted to smoking a “bowl” and 4.16g of marijuana.  The driver was issued a citation for use of marijuana and no proof of insurance on the vehicle.  

The owner of an establishment made a complaint about someone illegally dumping trash in a dumpster.  After looking at what had been put into the dumpster, a name of a suspect was found.  The suspect lived down the road but when an officer went to locate the person, it was discovered the suspect no longer lived there and the phone was disconnected.  LPD are still trying to locate the individual.

The mysterious noise at Litehouse continued in January.  A resident approximately ½ mile away from the facility made a complaint.  After hearing the loud whining noise at 2am the subject took photos, including the license plate number of the truck making the noise.  An officer has been in contact with the waste company hauling away a substance from Litehouse.  They are trying to resolve the issue with the truck causing the loud noise.

An officer responded to a call regarding a suspect who was evicted from Vista Valley trailer park.  The suspect claims to have left without being evicted and returned to retrieve some property left behind.  

A local male, who is on the sex offender list, moved and registered to vote with his new address.  However, he neglected to update the address on the sex offender list.  He admitted he was wrong for not doing this.

In a pig at large case, the department received a call about a pig in the road.  The owners of the pig said the pig slipped out of a collar while out of a pen and were charged with a pig being at large.  

During a general patrol, a pickup was seen passing in a no passing zone.  Upon being pulled over it was discovered the driver had a suspended license.  The driver was cited and the vehicle was returned to the driver’s brother.

During a routine stop, an officer noticed a smell of marijuana coming from the vehicle.  The driver had a suspended license and denied having anymore of the drug in the car because it was all smoked.  Upon investigating, more marijuana and a digital scale was found.  The subject was also wanted in Texas for burglary, but was deemed too far to extradite.  The subject was cited for driving on a suspended license and possession of marijuana.

Damage caused by hit and run driver. Owner of the vehicle states that the vehicle is a loss.

A hit and run case involving a stolen car occurred at Alden Nash and E. Fulton.  After the accident, one driver fled the scene on foot.  The abandoned vehicle was registered to someone within city limits.  An officer went to her residence where she told him the suspect ran into the house, told her where her car was, and ran out of the house.  Consent to search the house was given and the suspect was not found.  The female wished to press charges, indicating she did not know the vehicle was taken.  According to the victim of the hit and run, the suspect looked injured as he fled on foot.  Upon inspecting the abandoned vehicle, syringes and filtering agents were found on the floor of the car.

Car driven by the hit and run driver.

Later in the evening of the day of the above hit and run, two officers returned to the house of the female owner of the abandoned vehicle.  Several tips were received indicating the suspect was in the home after posting his photo on Facebook asking for help locating him and a search warrant was issued for the home.  The female stated the suspect was not in the home.  The suspect was found under a blanket behind a couch in the home but would not come out.  It appeared like he was placed in the location and covered up.  Due to his injuries from the hit and run, he was taken to the hospital and then lodged in jail.  He was charged with leaving the scene of an accident and driving while on a suspended license.  The female in the situation was charged with obstructing a criminal investigation.  After listening to phone call recordings the female made while in jail, a warrant was issued for lying to the police.  The recordings revealed her bragging about putting on a good show for the police when she was being asked questions.

A tip was received regarding a male on a felony probation was in possession of a handgun, meth, and possibly heroin.  The tip came from a response to a medical where a younger female possibly overdosed on heroin.  The female told police the male suspect went to Grand Rapids and got crack cocaine, unknown pills, and a black semi automatic handgun.  The vehicle and suspect were not found.

Later, the vehicle was located within the city.  Officer Lauren, Chief Bukala, and a parole officer did a parole search.  The suspect and younger female who provided the original tip were found in the residence.  The suspect admitted to having meth.  Drugs were found under the carpet in a vehicle and he was sleeping on drugs in his bed.  The suspect also admitted to giving meth to his younger sister and her friend.  The male was charged with possession of meth as an habitual offense.  The female was charged with possession of meth and lying during a serious investigation.

Parents called the department to report fraud by their 11-year-old son.  The son had taken their debit card without permission and charged $100 and $40.  The son said he forgot to ask permission.  After looking at bank statements, it was discovered multiple charges were made for the purchase of games without permission.  The case was turned over to juvenile prosecutors.      

During a routine stop for a vehicle with a brake light out, the smell of marijuana was coming from the vehicle.  The female driver admitted she smokes the drug every once in a while.  Two marijuana pipes were found in the center console and a bag containing the drug was found in her purse.  She was given a citation for use of marijuana.

A local gas station received a $50 bill from a patron for a $7 charge.  Surveillance video shows when the suspect was given change, a $20 was pocketed.  He then claimed to have been given the wrong amount of change.  An Illinois license plate number was obtained as the suspect left.  With the help of IL police, an older female was contacted.  She indicated her son does not live with her and she does not hear from him.  The case was closed and the suspect was not able to be located.  

LPD assisted the Kent County Sheriff Department with a breaking and entering at a local business in Lowell Township.  A suspect entered the back of a building.  After realizing people were still inside, the suspect ran away.  A license plate was able to be obtained and turned over to Ionia County.  Ionia County officers were able to make an arrest on attempted breaking and entering.

A female in an apartment complex made a report of a package stolen from her front door.  A neighbor saw the package, but it was not there when the female returned home.  Tracking for the package of cosmetics indicated it was delivered but it could not be located.  

A local business reported a subject stole a touch pad.  The subject is a white male 30-35 and seen on video.  This is the same suspect who stole an electronic device from this business in December.  

A vehicle was stopped on Main Street for high-speed.  The smell of intoxicating beverages was noticed.  A field sobriety test was completed, resulting in a .12 blood alcohol level.  The subject was arrested for driving while under the influence.

The suspect from the hit and run accident earlier in the month was seen threatening witnesses during a video of his arraignment.  After listening to phone calls made from the jail, it was determined the suspect was trying to intimidate witnesses through a third-party.  Several calls were made.  The Kent County Prosecutor’s office issued a warrant for witness intimidation.  During one call, the suspect said he “didn’t care if VanSolkema is listening”.  

During a stop for expired license plates, it was discovered the driver also had a suspended license for unpaid tickets.  The driver did not know the license was suspended and was ordered to appear in court.

In a case of road rage, a female was on the phone with the police department reporting a Windstar van passing vehicles and driving erratically on M21 from Ada to Lowell.  When the male driver of the van saw he was being filmed, he started following her.  The female was instructed to go to the city lot near the Showboat so she could be watched by police inside the department building.  The suspect driving the van was not located.

During a stop for driving without headlights on, the officer noticed the female driver had a green, flakey plant material on her leg.  The female was packing a marijuana pipe while driving.  A marijuana grinder and second pipe were also found.  A second female was also in the car.  One of them said the marijuana belonged to her and not the other person.  The owner of the drugs was cited for use of marijuana and ordered to appear in court.

A subject trying to sell a Playstation 3 on a local Facebook site says a female replied to the post agreeing to a porch pick up.  She was told where to find the item and where to leave payment.  The female said she never picked up the item, but it was missing.  The victim posted on Facebook about the female.  Others also indicated this female has done the same thing to them.  LPD is trying to track down the female suspect.

An officer was dispatched to an apartment after an anonymous complaint regarding a female smoking marijuana in her apartment and loud noise coming from the residence.  The female exited the apartment into the hallway.  The officer asked if he could step inside the apartment and was told no.  But the female did agree to have people in the apartment quiet down.

During a dispatch to a local gas station for a drunk driver, an officer noticed the suspect leaving the parking lot.  The vehicle was followed and seen crossing over the center line.  When pulled over, the driver denied having been drinking.  During a field sobriety test the driver’s blood alcohol level was .22 and at jail it was .20.  The suspect was charged with driving while under the influence with a high blood alcohol level.

Police responded to an assault in progress.  A female said she was being choked by a male.  The grandmother of the female called in the incident saying she feared her granddaughter would be harmed.  The female was trying to leave and was not able to do so when the situation escalated.  Photos of the female’s neck were taken and the male denied any kind of assault.  The male said his girlfriend’s mom came to get her and denies any physical contact aside from a kiss goodbye.  He said the red mark on the female’s neck was a hickey.

A neighbor of a local church called dispatch indicating the windows of the church were shaking from the bass of the music inside the building.  The youth pastor was contacted.  He said the music was loud and people inside the church were also complaining.

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