Lowell Police Department: September Incidents

Lowell’s First Look would like to thank Sgt. Hurst for working with us on monthly incidents while Chief Bukala was away.  The warm weather in September made for a busy month for the Lowell Police Department (LPD).  There was a noted increase of illegal marijuana use and driving with open alcohol throughout the month.  

During Girls Night Out and other evening and nighttime events new cross walk cones will be used to help drivers be aware of the increased foot traffic crossing Main Street.

The month yielded nearly 10 medical and accident incidents, two of which of the former were DOA.  Numerous warrant arrests were made and the Kent County Sheriff’s Department was assisted a handful of times as well.  Here are some of the calls and incidents the LPD engaged in during the month of September.

On Sept. 3 a vehicle was seen passing cars by crossing the double yellow line.  The vehicle traveled from Alden Nash to Bowes Road where the driver finally stopped.  Upon stopping a foot pursuit took place which included the suspect running through some woods.  Once he was finally caught an officer noticed the suspect was heavily scratched.  The 21 year old male from Lowell was taken to the hospital to check on wounds from fleeing into the woods and then taken to the Kent County jail where he faced charges including resisting arrest, fleeing and eluding an officer, and use of marijuana in addition to the warrants already out for his arrest.  Passengers in the vehicle were also openly smoking marijuana in the vehicle.

A driver caused an accident and was charged with driving while a license was suspended.  Additionally, the driver smelled of an intoxicating odor.  The driver’s blood alcohol level was a .05 resulting from a roadside sobriety test.

Dispatch received a call about disorderly conduct at a residence.  The caller thought a domestic issue was taking place.  Upon arriving at the home the officer determined it was just a couple having a good time in an outdoor pool.  

A caller provided a tip about a needle and syringe being found in the bathroom at Creekside Park.  The items were disposed of properly.

A traffic stop resulted in a 42 year old male from Greenville being charged with a third offense for drunk driving, which is a felony.  The driver had open alcohol in the vehicle and was driving on a suspended license.

In an assault case three teens had an altercation.  One teen was owed money.  When the other teens did not produce anything they were punched four times in the head.  The last known address of the teen who assaulted the others was checked.  A male at the address said he didn’t know where the suspect was staying.

A suspicious vehicle was investigated the fair grounds.  It had been at the location for several hours with the engine running.  Upon investigation it was determined one of the people in the vehicle had a warrant out for arrest for failing to pay child support.

In a civil matter an individual was evicted by a court officer and chose not to comply.  The property manager took the individual’s items out of the residence and put them by the curb where people driving by started taking items thinking they were put out for the trash.

Another civil incident involved a husband and wife going through a divorce.  The wife would follow the husband around trying to get him in trouble for paying people cash under the table for various jobs.  The wife also indicated she wanted a police protection order against her soon-to-be ex-husband.

Along S. Hudson a male driver was stopped for speeding and improper passing.  The officer smelled an intoxicating substance on his breath.  Field sobriety results showed a blood alcohol level of .09.  The vehicle’s female passenger was also charged with being a minor in possession of alcohol.

A small quad was being driven by a 10 year old male in the Valley Vista neighborhood.  When the driver saw police approaching he ran over a curb and hit a rock.  The quad was impounded due to reckless driving.  

A tip was received regarding a suspect with a warrant out for arrest was received.  The suspect was in a trailer park and had a tendency to fight or run.  With warrants out from Kent and Montcalm Counties the subject was taken to jail.

A suspicious vehicle in the parking lot of a credit union was investigated.  A 28 year old male from Lowell was driving a vehicle with expired plates and suspended drivers license.  He consented to a search of his car where .28 grams of marijuana and a pipe were found.  A locked box was also found but it was not being used to transport the drug.  The suspect was actively smoking in the vehicle.  He was charged with use of marijuana and driving while on a suspended license.  

In the block of 2200 W. Main a vehicle was pulled over after a worker at Arby’s noticed open alcohol between the legs of a driver coming through the drive through.  The driver and passenger were actively smoking marijuana in the vehicle.  A field sobriety test was resulted in a .02 blood alcohol level.  The driver did possess a medical marijuana card but openly smoking in a vehicle or transporting the drug outside of a locked box is not permitted.  Upon searching the trunk of the vehicle nearly 30 grams of marijuana was found.  Neither the driver or passenger would take claim for ownership.  Both subjects were charged with use of marijuana and additionally the driver was charged with open alcohol.  

A high output moped was stopped at 5:45 am for driving without lights on.  Open alcohol was seen in a pouch hanging off the handlebars of the moped.  A roadside test showed a blood alcohol level of .20.  During a search at the jail marijuana was found on the suspect.  The suspect refused a breathalyzer test in jail.  A warrant to draw blood was received and results are pending.  

An ongoing investigation for malicious destruction of property occurred at the boy scout cabin where a vehicle drove on the grass leaving marks in the grass.  LPD posted photos on Facebook asking citizens to help find the person or persons responsible.

During a traffic stop where a vehicle was traveling 50 mph in a 25 mph zone an officer smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle with smoke in the cabin.  With probable cause the vehicle was searched resulting in finding marijuana inside.  The driver was charged with use of marijuana and speeding.  

An officer responded to a call regarding a highly intoxicated individual on W. Main.  The individual complained of an old roommate continuing to enter the residence without permission.  It was indicated this old roommate should knock before entering.

A vehicle weaving around and swerving was noticed by an officer.  The vehicle was stopped at Sibley and Valley Vista.  The driver first claimed to have had nothing to drink and later indicated 2 pints were consumed with a buddy earlier. The driver refused a field sobriety test so a search warrant was obtained for a blood draw at the jail.  The driver was operating the vehicle while on a suspended license and had open alcohol in the vehicle.  

A Lowell resident’s credit card was charged amounts of $95, $199, and $312 via PayPal from California.  The resident was tipped off by the bank who suggested the charges be disputed.  The case of money laundering is being tracked in California and China.

Two subjects pushing shopping carts along Alden Nash were stopped near Gee Drive.  They were swearing and yelling at each other.  One subject was arrested due to a warrant out for failure to pay child support.

During a routine stop a driver was driving while on a suspended license.  The driver claimed to be aware of the suspension and indicated payments were made but clearance paperwork was not produced.  A ticket was written for driving on a suspended license but if correct paperwork can be presented the ticket will be dismissed.

Packages have been left at a residence from Walmart and Best Buy.  The resident did not order anything from these companies.  The credit card number used to pay for these purchases was different from each business.  The case is ongoing as LPD is contacting loss prevention at Best Buy as part of the investigation.  

A motorcycle was driving along S. Hudson with its headlight going on and off.  The drive pulled into the DPW parking lot.  When the officer approached the bike blood was noticed on the driver’s face and head with visible damage to the motorcycle.  A roadside sobriety test revealed a .186 blood alcohol level.  The driver was taken to the hospital to treat wounds and cited for operating a vehicle while under the influence as a first time offense.  The subject posted bond and is pending arraignment later this month.  

In a social media threat case a local resident received threats from an individual in Texas after a disagreement and altercation over philosophical differences.  The suspect in Texas located the phone number of the Lowell resident and threatened to make the individual “bleed”.  LPD has left messages for the Texan but has not yet received a response.  

During one of the half days of school for students due to the hot weather two individuals under the age of 16 were driving a golf cart in the roadway.  

LPD responded to a call from Backwater Cafe regarding a disorderly patron.  The male subject is said to have gotten upset with other patrons.  While paying his bill he said “click, click, boom” to an employee and left, prompting the employee to call the police.  Police were not able to locate the individual.  

In a disorderly conduct call a couple were arguing at N. Broadway and Riverside Drive.  One half of the couple had previously been charged with heroin use with an overdose.  The other half had been charged with drug use and was upset about how to get a child back after the incident.  The female half claimed to have been assaulted by the male half of the couple four months ago.  The female was upset about her situation.  She was given a ride home.

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