Lowell Serenity Club Serves the Community

The Lowell Serenity Club was founded 30 years ago.  Until January of this year it was housed in the Serenity Building on Main Street,  However, with the purchase of the building and future plans for a restaurant, the group has been meeting in a room located at Flat River Outreach Ministries.

Helping Those Facing Recovery

The Lowell Serenity Club meets at least twice a day every day of the week.  Evening meetings see an average of 10-25 people. The group supports Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon (for family and friends of alcoholics), and Secular Alcoholics Anonymous.  

“People of all addictions are welcome, and new groups are encouraged to form at the club. If there is a need, then we want to facilitate a meeting place for it.” says Zach Stevenson who has been a member of the club for three years and current President.  

According to Stephenson the club has been a local resource for people with addictions seeking recovery.  The group offers fellowship and tools to help rebuild lives. People attend as long as they would like. Some founding members still attend on a weekly basis and new people arrive every day looking for help.  

Battling alcohol addiction can be difficult at best.  Having a support group can make a big difference in receiving needed help.  Daily meetings give members the opportunity to seek and offer support. The Lowell Serenity Club also offers support for friends and families of an alcoholic because their lives are affected as well.  

The Lowell Serenity Club meets daily at 11535 Fulton St. SE.  Below is their daily schedule as well as a list of times a special speaker will take place.  


Daily Schedule

Sunday 10 am AA 8 pm AA
Monday 12 pm AA 8 pm AA
Tuesday 12 pm AA 4 pm AA 6 pm Al-Anon 8 pm AA
Wednesday 12 pm AA 6 pm Secular AA 8 pm AA
Thursday 12 pm AA 8 pm AA
Friday 12 pm AA 4 pm AA 8 pm AA
Saturday 10 am AA 8 pm AA

Monthly Speaker Meeting Schedule

3/29/20  5:30pm – 7pm
4/26/20  5:30pm – 7pm
5/24/20  5:30pm – 7pm
6/28/20  5:30pm – 7pm
7/26/20  5:30pm – 7pm
8/30/20  5:30pm – 7pm
9/27/20  5:30pm – 7pm
10/25/20  5:30pm – 7pm
11/29/20  5:30pm – 7pm
12/27/20   5:30pm – 7pm

Photos courtesy of Zach Stevenson and used with permission.

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