Lowell Voter Turnout and Results for the 2020 Election

As votes are still being counted in battleground areas, it’s too early to say who has won key races across the state and nation. However, we can tell you how your neighbors voted.

All precincts from the City of Lowell, Lowell Charter Township and Vergennes Township have reported their results. The following numbers are based upon unofficial results as reported to the county. While the major races are listed below, you can visit the Election Reporting page to see the results of all contests.

City of Lowell

The City of Lowell received requests for more than 1,000 absentee ballots in the days and weeks leading up to the election, according to city manager Mike Burns, Still, city staff was prepared for a large turnout on election day and had a line out the door shortly after the polls opened.

Registered voters: 3,224
Voters casting ballots: 2,220
Voter turnout: 69%


Donald J. Trump — 1144
Joseph R. Biden — 999
Jo Jorgensen — 44
Howie Hawkins — 10
Don Blankenship — 5
Rocky De La Fuente — 3
Write-in — 8


John James — 1179
Gary Peters — 946
Marcia Squier — 26
Valerie L. Willis — 21
Doug Dern — 15
Write-in — 2


Peter Meijer — 1188
Hillary Scholten — 980
Write-in – 3


Thomas A. Albert – 1210
Sue Hayes — 917
Write-in — 8

Lowell Charter Township

Signs outside the Lowell Township Hall encouraging the recall of Governor Gretchen Whitmer raised some residents’ eyebrows yesterday. The woman manning the table told Lowell’s First Look she was collecting petition signatures as part of the “recall Whitmer movement.” Although not a Lowell resident, she said she lived in Kent County and was located more than 100 feet from the hall entrance as required by law. Lowell’s First Look did not verify the distance, but social media posts indicate a sheriff’s deputy did arrive to confirm the display was not too close to the polls. Township officials say they were not consulted prior to the table being set up and once they became aware of it, they also checked to ensure it was more than 100 feet from the entrance.

Registered voters: 5,125
Voters casting ballots: 3,949
Voter turnout: 77%


Donald J. Trump — 2210
Joseph R. Biden — 1598
Jo Jorgensen — 77
Don Blankenship — 9
Howie Hawkins — 9
Rocky De La Fuente — 3
Write-in — 17


John James — 2347
Gary Peters — 1460
Valerie L. Willis — 42
Marcia Squier — 31
Doug Dern — 8
Write-in — 3


Peter Meijer — 2303
Hillary Scholten — 1555
Write-in – 15


Thomas A. Albert – 2342
Sue Hayes — 1420
Write-in — 11

Vergennes Township

Vergennes Township wins the award for best voter turnout locally, with 86% of registered electors casting their ballots. Vehicles were apparently backed up to Lincoln Lake Ave. early in the morning, but by afternoon, the parking process went smoothly as workers directed traffic to open spots. Election officials at the township said some technology issues slowed down the voting process early in the day, and between that and the high turnout, some people reportedly waited close to an hour to cast their ballots.

Registered votes: 3,736
Voters casting ballots: 3,220
Voter turnout: 86%


Donald J. Trump — 1958
Joseph R. Biden — 1178
Jo Jorgensen — 48
Howie Hawkins — 8
Don Blankenship — 6
Rocky De La Fuente — 3
Write-in — 10


John James – 2051
Gary Peters — 1093
Valerie L. Willis — 18
Marcia Squier — 14
Doug Dern — 5
Write-in — 3


Peter Meijer — 2019
Hillary Scholten — 1138
Write-in – 5


Thomas A. Albert – 2087
Sue Hayes — 1014
Write-in — 4


Note: This article was updated at 9:15am on November 4, 2020 to add information from Lowell Township regarding the petition table located near the hall on election day.

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