Main Street BBQ to Host First Annual BBQ Competition

Pink Arrow Force IX is nearing, and excitement is in the air. Do you know what else is in the air? The smell of slow-smoked, mouth-watering BBQ, that’s what.

Main Street BBQ knows BBQ, and they love the Pink Arrows. What better way to bring the two together than with a BBQ competition? Saturday, September 10th from 12pm to 6pm will be the big day for the restaurant’s inaugural BBQ competition and a fitting way to raise funds for the Pink Arrow project. Put what you know and what you love together in one delicious event.

Music will be provided by country radio station B-93, who will also be giving away concert tickets. Entry to the BBQ event, held at 210 E. Main St., will be $10.00 at the door and include a BBQ food sample ticket, music and the chance to win free concert tickets. Come down and learn from the BBQ Titans, feast on some fantastic BBQ and make new friends. Your participation supports Pink Arrow and those in the Lowell community who have been affected by cancer.

Main Street BBQ Competition
Someone is walking out of the Main Street BBQ with this trophy.


The competitors are preparing for battle. Secret recipes held close to the chest while they size up the competition. What are they fighting for, you might ask? The coveted First Annual Pink Arrow BBQ Competition Trophy. But most importantly, these BBQ masters will be helping Pink Arrow Pride raise money to help those battling cancer. A fierce adversary that will be defeated, as the Pink Arrow Army forges ahead, marching side by side with Lowell families who are in the midst of the fight of their lives.


Lowell Leads the Way spoke to a few of the competitors, and it was clear they were excited to be a part of this new event. Many had a personal connection to the mission of Pink Arrow Pride as well.

“Our Backyard BBQ” competitor, Brian Thompson, is ready for the challenge. Brian has held Backyard BBQ events for years for friends and family, preparing him for this day. Wanting to enter a competition has been on his mind of late, and when he saw this opportunity, he seized it. Preparing four meats for the judges, Brian’s grill will feature pork shoulder, chicken halves, brisket and baby back ribs.

The Black Ace BBQ Smoker looks like it means business.

Blair Diamond and Dean DeGrote of “Black Ace BBQ” have been neighbors for years. Excited to be participating in the inaugural event, they also decided to cook four different meats to be judged. Chicken thighs, brisket, ribs and pork shoulder are their tickets to victory. The weapon of choice? A smoker emblazoned with an image reminiscent of a World War II Tiger Shark plane. When the Black Aces arrive, the battle heats up.


When Brian Thompson was asked why Pink Arrow Pride is important to him, he said he had lost his father to cancer at a young age. Years later, he watched his step dad walk on the Lowell football field holding his grandsons’ hand. Pink Arrow Pride is especially important to Brian, and he feels honored to participate in the first annual BBQ event.

Blair Diamond has been a Pink Arrow Pride supporter for years. His son played on the Lowell football team, allowing him to personally witness the pride and effort put forth by the Arrow Force.

Teresa Beachum, a Pink Arrow Pride organizer, spoke highly of Main Street BBQ. She noted the downtown Lowell restaurant had already donated approximately $2,500 for family support through the sales of their chips & cheese at the restaurant. She also wished them well on the business’s first anniversary. “We want to thank them for all they do year round,” Teresa says. “They have been such a great addition to the community.”


So who will be crowned as having the best BBQ in Lowell? You’ll have to come down to the Main Street BBQ to find out.

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