Midwest Aviation Soars into Lowell City Airport

There’s a new fixed base operator (FBO) in town.  Midwest Aviation Services began offering services in Lowell in March of this year.  Mark Lynn and Walter Paegel are the two men behind the company, which began its formation in January 2018.  They’re looking to gain enthusiasm from the community with their offerings at Lowell City Airport.

Full Service FBO
Midwest Aviation Services offers a wide range of services.  They’re able to make repairs, conduct routine maintenance, perform annual inspections, fulfill pre-buy inspections, and work on aircraft restoration.  They’re also able to provide flight instruction.

The services offered in Lowell aren’t just for those who house aircraft in a hangar at the airport.  Pilots from the region and beyond are able to visit the Lowell City Airport for their airplane needs.  

Mark Lynn (l) and Walter Paegel (r) opened for business in March 2018.  Photo courtesy of Midwest Aviation Services.

Lynn is from Muskegon and Paegel travels from Jackson each day to work in Lowell.  The two started Midwest Aviation Services from the ground up. Lynn is a pilot and has a background in aviation on the corporate side.  In his past he has also owned a business which sold industrial machinery. He is currently working on his mechanic credentials. In addition to his partnership as FBO, he is also an author for Kitplanes Magazine.  

Paegel has been interested in planes since he was a kid.  He began his training as a mechanic right after school and hasn’t looked back.  He is licensed in making repairs and has additional documentation allowing him to perform annual inspections, which require extra training.  Already familiar with the regulars at the Lowell airport, he can spot a plane in the distance on the ground or in the air and know which aircraft it is and who is the pilot.  

Those interested in learning how to fly are invited to check out flight lessons.  A dedicated aircraft is used for training purposes with a flight instructor.

Midwest Aviation Services hopes to invite the public to come for a visit once a month during their busy months, typically mid-spring through mid-fall.  They hope having people visiting who have never been to the airport will generate interest in flight. Their first such event was held on July 10. Check their Facebook page for an announcement for the date of the next event.   

Midwest Aviation Services provides support services to those who use the Lowell City Airport.  Questions about services or general information can be directed to Mark Lynn at 231-578-8885 or [email protected]   

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