New Contributing Author Joins Lowell’s First Look

Recent harvest from the Densmore garden.

In the coming months, Lowell’s First Look (LFL) readers will see some content written by Julie Anna Densmore. She and her family moved to Lowell last September, looking for a quiet and simple lifestyle. They were attracted to Lowell’s small-town feel and tight-knit community. Densmore reached out to LFL,  expressing an interest in helping share happenings in the Lowell community as well as information about topics that interest her, including unschooling/homeschooling and homesteading.

“My husband and I both grew up in small towns and we wanted our daughter to have that experience,” says Densmore on moving to the community. “We feel so fortunate to be here and are soaking up everything Lowell has to offer and [are] absolutely loving it.”

Drawing on Experience to Showcase for the Community
Densmore will look to write about areas of interest and knowledge. Unschooling Eva, born in 2013, has allowed Densmore to explore the ins and outs of looking for materials, what a typical day looks likes, enrichment ideas, and other aspects of teaching her daughter at home from the time she was born. These articles will also provide useful information to those with children in a traditional school setting looking to enhance education outside of the classroom.

Additionally, Densmore enjoys living a sustainable lifestyle at home. Readers can anticipate articles about gardening, homesteading, and recipes/cooking based on activities happening during different times of the year. She also aims to write about area small businesses and activities in the community.

“We feel that having a sense of community is something to be valued, and the more that people are involved, the more a community will thrive,” comments Densmore on her interest in writing for LFL. She discovered the publication’s Instagram account in 2018 when looking for a community and property to build a house.

Densmore’s first article was a recap of the Lowell Area Historical Museum’s Summer Fest event last month. 

The Densmore garden before and after.

Building a Homestead, Calling it Home
Landing in Lowell Township after nine years as residents of the state, the Densmore family has been working on establishing their home. “When looking for property to build our home here in Lowell, one main objective was to have enough land to create a thriving homestead that would not only contribute to our own self-reliance, but that would also operate as a profitable business,” comments Densmore.

Approximately an acre of land surrounding their home was cleared. Since then Densmore has been working on planting gardens, with Eva helping. Items grown in the garden are used in preparing healthy meals for the family. She has been cooking since a young age and finds joy in creating dishes with ingredients from her garden or that are locally sourced. 

Having a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a focus in ecology and conservation, Densmore prides herself in the research involved in creating and caring for a homestead. She also enjoys being out in nature hiking and biking, swimming in Lake Michigan, exploring new places around the state, and yoga. Heading into football season, Densmore says her number one team is the New York Giants, however, she has also grown into a Detroit Lions fan. As with other fans she hopes to “one day see them finally go all the way…someday…hopefully”.

Items from the Densmore garden.

Valuing a sense of community, Densmore looks to not only enjoy Lowell but participate in and contribute to what she and her family love about the area. “I am so grateful to Amanda and Maryalene for being so open and welcoming,” says Densmore. “I greatly appreciate what they’re doing for the city and town of Lowell and am just so thrilled to be a part of it in any way I can.”

Photos courtesy of Julie Anna Densmore.

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