New Lowell Salon Offers Personalized Experience

If you’re looking for a one-on-one beauty experience, The Modern Look Hair and Lashes delivers just that. Located behind Red Barn Consignments & Antiques at 217 W. Main Street in Lowell’s historic downtown, the salon features one chair, meaning clients get complete privacy and their stylist’s full attention while having their hair cut, colored or styled, eyebrows waxed or lash extensions applied.

“With less traffic coming through, [it] helps with the anxiety of some with this pandemic going on,” says owner Chelsae Jenner. “After each [appointment], everything is sanitized to ensure the safety of each client.”

Beyond being a safe and sanitized environment, The Modern Look will provide a relaxed, spa-like atmosphere. “Nothing is rushed, and I make sure [client] needs are fully met before they leave my chair,” Jenner says.

After years of working out of a salon in Cascade, Jenner says she is excited to have her own space in her hometown of Lowell. The Modern Look Hair and Lashes is accepting new clients now and is expected to officially open on September 1, 2020.

Building a Business from the Ground Up

Jenner is a 2016 graduate of the Douglas J Aveda Institute. After finishing her education, she decided to rent a chair at a salon in Cascade.

“I always wanted to be able to make my own schedule, use my own techniques and make it more personable rather than a bigger salon environment,” she explains.

However, renting a chair in a salon comes with risks. Rather than being employed by a salon that would bring customers to her, Jenner was her own boss and needed to recruit her own clients. For someone fresh out of school with no established clients, it’s a challenging way to make a living. Jenner quickly rose to the challenge though by promoting herself on social media.

“I started gaining clients by word of mouth and became very, very busy,” Jenner says. Now, after years of hard work, the beauty expert is ready to open her own salon, and Lowell was the obvious location.

“Lowell has a certain comfortable feeling and warmth [that] not many places I know have,” Jenner explains. What’s more, many of her existing clients are already from the area. “I knew Lowell would be the place for my business.”

When space opened up behind Red Barn Consignments & Antiques, it seemed like the perfect fit for Jenner’s needs. She is currently putting final touches on the salon and looks forward to inviting clients into the thoughtfully curated space.

Services at The Modern Look Hair and Lashes

At The Modern Look, clients will book their visits directly with Jenner. She offers a variety of services ranging from creative and edgy cuts for women, men and kids as well as bridal updos and other styling services.

Jenner is a colorist who specializes is the balayage technique of hand-painting hair. This creates seamless highlights that can grow out without harsh lines appearing. She notes, “With COVID going on, this has been my go-to color [method] to allow many months in between appointments and [have hair] still looking [its] very best.”

For those looking to lengthen their lashes, The Modern Look has classic, hybrid and volume lash extensions available. “Clients are able to get their hair done then lay down on the spa bed and relax while lash extensions are applied,” Jenner says could be a typical visit.

Clients can have their brows waxed at The Modern Look and soon, lift and tint services for lashes will also be available.

To learn more or book a visit, visit Chelsae Jenner’s website.

All photos courtesy of Chelsae Jenner.

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