On the Move

This is the time of year people start thinking about resolutions for the new year.  Many include being healthy on their list.  But oftentimes after a few months of eating better and exercising old habits find their way back into daily life.  

Taking “Work” Out of Workout

Incorporating fitness can be a lifestyle change which is rewarding and fun.  There are a variety of options for exercise.  Those who are motivated and disciplined enough can work on cardio and strength without a fitness center or class.  For some having a friend along for the ride is encouraging.  Others may need a little accountability in order stay on track.

Denise Uhl has been a personal trainer at Snap Fitness in Lowell since March 2014.  She has been involved with sports and fitness the majority of her life.  High school sports included track and volleyball.  During her time at Olivet College, fitness management and sports recreation were her focus.  Uhl is currently certified through American Sports Fitness Association.  

Those who turn to Denise as a personal trainer work meet for 30 minutes.  Sessions are geared toward the individual’s needs, wants, and goals.  “I live in this community and I love what I do. This is my passion to help people. My motto is ‘if you don’t use it you will lose it’ muscle mass, bone density, and range of motion in your joints. I feel blessed to do what I do and God has given me the best occupation.” states Uhl of her career.  Being active and healthy can be something to look forward to and the reward is much greater than the effort.

Rose Kolodziej, MaeDean Alexander, Jean Savage, Lois Wittenbach, and Phyllis Bieri enjoy Denise Uhl’s exercise class


Lois Wittenbach and MaeDean Alexander work on flexibility

Active Body, Active Mind

Twice a week Denise teaches a class at Schneider Manor for Senior Neighbors.  During this hour long session seniors work on strength, flexibility, and balance, all of which can become difficult as one ages.  Classes see an average of 10 participants.  

Members of the class are encouraged to repeat moves using both sides of their body.  Over time the brain gets accustomed to using the dominant side.  Keeping the right and left side of the brain working promotes a healthy mind.  Activities as easy as brushing teeth with the opposite hand will exercise the brain.  

It’s a time for physical activity with a social component.  As the class follows Denise’s lead there’s also chatter with dabs of laughter.  There’s empathy over aching muscles and joints.  There are stories shared about husbands, the weather, and anything else of interest at the moment.  

Jean Savage follows Denise Uhl’s lead working on coordination

Here’s To You

Age and ability are not of concern when it comes to making the choice to seek out or continue physical fitness.  One of the oldest members of the class at Schneider Manor is in her early 90s.  Whether it’s through individual planning, a membership at a facility such as Snap Fitness or the YMCA with or without a personal trainer, or playing a sport there are numerous options for being active.  

Encourage friends, children, grandchildren, grandparents, and others in your life to be active.  The physical and mental accomplishments are worth the effort.  

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