Parker Liu Announces His Candidacy for the Lowell Area Schools Board of Education

We received the following press release from Board of Education candidate, Parker Liu.

Lowell, MI — After collecting the necessary number of petition signatures, Parker Liu, current resident of the City of Lowell and a lifelong member of the greater Lowell community, announces his candidacy for the Lowell Area Schools Board of Education. A natural-born leader with a passion to see a better tomorrow for all, Parker is ready to make an impact on the community of the future by shaping the education of the young people in our community.

Born and raised in Lowell, Parker has seen the development of and challenges faced by both the schools and the wider community over the past 20+ years. His perspective as a member of a minority racial and ethnic group has led to a desire to want to do more for all students of Lowell Area Schools of today and tomorrow. In addition, Parker sees education as a critical opportunity for each person to build independence and become a contributing member of society. As such, education should be the focus of our school district.

Over the past two years, events that have taken place well beyond the borders of the school district have influenced decisions by the Board of Education. Parents and other members of LAS district have become more vocal in the decision making process of the Board. Parker has found the motivation to make this significant commitment to help break through some of the hysteria that has followed the Board of Education over this period of time; his primary focus is the successful education of all LAS students. He believes in finding what is most important to the parents of our students and finding a path forward that will benefit all those involved. He plans to work closely with Superintendent Nate Fowler, fellow BOE members, teachers and other educators in the district, and other local experts in his decisions as a board member. Finally, Parker will make a commitment to transparency with his constituents by making himself available as much as possible and is appropriate as a member of the Board of Education.

Between now and election day, Parker will be taking time to review board policies, meeting with key players in the LAS district, researching the top topics of interest impacting the district and community, and learning more about what is most important to the families of the LAS students. For the most up to date information, please follow his candidate page on Facebook at He can also be reached via email at [email protected].

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