Pink Milk Coming to the Pink Arrow Game

Last year’s celebration of the 10th Pink Arrow game will not soon be forgotten.  However, the event is still able to shake things up and provide new things for fans.  New this year, during the Pink Arrow game pints of pink milk will be handed out as fans enter the stadium.  The vision of local dairy farmers and the kindness of a milk production company created this opportunity to further pink up the big game on Thursday, August 30.  

Joe Rison’s grandchildren with the player who honored their father during last year’s Pink Arrow game. Photo taken by Heather Eveland.

A Meeting Between Vision and Opportunity
Local dairy farmers Renee McCauley and Annie Link are big on education.  McCauley visits schools and works with various organizations regarding the education of adults and children about the dairy industry.  And Link greets kids throughout the school year at Swiss Lane Farms as part of their Dairy Discovery program. The two are involved with supplying milk to producers and are involved with what happens to their product after it leaves their farms.  

McCauley and Link have talked about how cool it would be to have pink milk at the Pink Arrow game.  Up until this year, this has been a bucket list item. But the planets aligned as they say when McCauley attended a dairy related conference and was seated at a table with Joe Risdon, the area rep for Prairie Farms, a milk distribution company.   

During a conversation between the two about the pink milk idea, it quickly became evident that the idea could become a reality.  Risdon is familiar with the Pink Arrow game. His grandchildren attend Lowell Schools. Their father, Risdon’s son passed away after a battle with cancer nearly four years ago.  Last year he was remembered during the ceremony before the big game.

“It seemed like a really good thing to support.” says Risdon of his involvement.  “I know how special that event is to Lowell.” Prairie Farms will be handing out three thousand pints of pink (aka strawberry) milk before the game this Thursday.  Along with the milk will be a milk snack – a chocolate cake with filling.

Pink Arrow XI Coming Thursday
Pink is in the air this week as the community prepares for the 11th Pink Arrow game.  Schools in the district are celebrating with activities, Pink of the Library is happening this week at Englehardt Library, and community businesses and residents have been showing their Pink Arrow support for weeks.  

While this year’s t-shirts are not pink, a representative from Pink Arrow Pride says they wanted to change things up this year and see try white shirts after receiving some feedback in past years about “another pink shirt”.  Regardless of the color of the shirts worn during the big game, the enthusiasm and meaning behind Pink Arrow will not be diminished.

The Lowell Middle School choir will sign the anthem before the soccer and volleyball games.  Nate Masterson, Lowell the High School choir Director will perform two solo performances during when those who beat cancer, those who are still fighting, and those who are being honored take to the field.  A third song will be performed by Savanna Dempsey. Masterson will then direct the high school choir as they sing the national anthem.

Kickoff for the football game against Rockford is at 7pm, but gates will open at 2:30pm and restaurant row will begin serving food at 3pm.  Volleyball and soccer games begin at 3:30pm. The Survivor and Honor Walk and players’ tribute begins at 6pm, leading up to what has become one of Lowell’s most anticipated games each year.  Go Pink Arrows!

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