Press Release: Artist-In-Residence for Mackinac State Historic Parks Releases CD

We received the following press release about Roger MacNaughton’s latest release.

COVID can’t kill creativity! The Mackinac State Historic Parks organization believes artists of all mediums find inspiration in the history, natural wonders, and beauty of Mackinac Island. West Michigan composer, Roger MacNaughton, would agree. In 2019 MacNaughton was chosen to spend two weeks plying his musical craft as a resident artist on Mackinac Island.

According to the artist, “I’ve always found Northern Michigan to be particularly inspiring. I spent a magical two weeks immersing myself in the slower pace of the island and connecting with the breathtaking scenery.”

Although COVID-19 may have delayed the recording process, the finished CD, “Mackinac, I’ve Come Home” is now a reality. Consisting of eleven instrumental and two vocal tracks, performers include Susan Mora on violin, Andrew Plaisier on cello, MacNaughton on keyboard, and Tami Hjelm and Kyle Rasche, vocals. Among the tunes, island residents and visitors alike will recognize much of what MacNaughton experienced in “The Island Beckons,” “There’s Something About This Place,” “Carriage Ride,” “Mackinac Under Moonlight,” and of course the title track, “Mackinac, I’ve Come Home.”

As a composer, MacNaughton has been awarded a total of four first place honors in the juried and popular vote music categories of “ArtPrize.” His compositions have also garnered first place in the “International Music Aid Awards” and the “Song of the Year” contests. The CD “Mackinac, I’ve Come Home” is available for sale at the LowellArts “Artist Market” located at 223 W. Main Street, Lowell, online at Roger MacNaughton’s website or through the Roger MacNaughton artist Facebook page.

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