Press Release: Thomas Albert Announces Candidacy for State Senate

We received the following press release from State Representative Thomas Albert.


[Jan. 14, 2022]: State Representative Thomas Albert (R-Lowell) announced today that he will be running for the new 18th State Senate District, which covers all of Barry County and portions of Kent, Ionia, Allegan, Kalamazoo, and Calhoun counties.

“It has been a great honor serving my community as State Representative over the past three terms,” Albert said. “I am proud of the results I have been able to deliver reigning in reckless spending while pushing back against government overreach. I would be honored to continue fighting for individual liberty and limited government in the state senate.”

Albert currently serves as the House Appropriations Chairman. He previously served as Chairman of the Appropriations Sub-committee on Corrections and Chairman of the Financial Liability Reform Committee.

Albert began his role leading the Appropriations Committee by standing up strongly against Governor Whitmer’s unliteral restrictions on families and small businesses put in place by hundreds of executive orders. “I am proud to see that having some backbone and using the power of the purse was what it took to bring some normalcy back to Michigan families,” Albert said. “In early January, I took the position that billions in taxpayer dollars would not simply be handed over to Whitmer’s heavy-handed way of governing. That line was held for months and by summer our families finally started to see tangible relief from the many burdens placed on their freedom and livelihood.”

While serving in Lansing, Albert has also been an advocate for the sanctity of life, Second Amendment rights, auto insurance relief, reforms to broken school funding, and the fostering of a strong Michigan economy. “We live in an era of executive overreach and out-of-control bureaucrats. Strong legislators are needed now more than ever to maintain separation of powers and stand up for our communities. I am very proud of the results produced while I have served in the House and would be honored to continue to support this region’s local communities, our families, our small businesses, and our Constitution in the Michigan Senate.”

Thomas and his wife Erica live East Kent County with their five children. More information about Rep. Albert can be found on his campaign website.

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