Public Notice: LLP Job Opening for Utility Ground Worker

We received the following notice from Lowell Light & Power regarding a current job opening.


Currently Lowell Light & Power (LL&P) is seeking a full-time Utility Ground Worker to work in the operation, maintenance and construction of electric distribution, transmission, and associated equipment of the LL&P electric system. A detailed job description, minimum qualifications, and a job application can be found at Competitive benefits package includes: health, dental, life, STD and LTD insurance, a defined contribution retirement plan, a 457 deferred compensation plan, and a generous PTO plan. Starting wage is based on qualifications. Must possess or obtain a CDL B within six (6) months of hire. Please submit resume, cover letter, and employment application no later than January 7, 2022 to: Lowell Light & Power; Human Resources; PO Box 229; Lowell, MI 49331 or via email to [email protected]

Job Description and Summary

Utility Ground Worker

Reports to the Lead Lineworker or designated supervisor of the assigned work unit.

Utility Ground Worker is an entry level class. A Utility Ground Worker in this class performs routine duties and isn’t expected to work independently or without supervision. The Utility Ground Worker class is assigned for training employees with little or no experience in utility work. The employee is taught to operate and care for tools used in electric line maintenance and repair. He must be able to safely operate a vehicle, understand and carry out instructions, maintain records and maintain positive working relationships. Only a high school diploma or GED is required for this position.

Under direction of a Lead Lineworker or designated supervisor, assist in the construction, maintenance, and operation of the Lowell Light and Power electrical systems by performing assigned groundwork tasks for an assigned work unit at any jobsite.


1. Comply with applicable safety rules and regulations.
2. Assume responsibility for vehicles, tools, equipment, or materials assigned.
3. Assume responsibility for the care and safeguarding of customer’s property.
4. Operate a two-way radio and/or cellular phone and speak in a clear and understandable voice.
5. Drive vehicles to and from work sites and towing trailers when required.
6. Inspect vehicle and assigned tools for proper and safe operation.
7. Perform minor maintenance including cleaning, replenishing fuel and oil, and report deficiencies.
8. Remove material from vehicle, assemble if required, and carry to the location where it is to be installed.
9. Assist lineworker by carrying material, tools, and equipment from the vehicle to the pole and raising material, tools, and equipment by handline as requested by lineworkers.
10.Maintain inventory of truck stock materials, requesting replacement materials as required.
11.Maintain first aid, fire extinguishers, drinking water, and other safety or personal comfort equipment on vehicles, replenishing or replacing as needed.
12.Dig and backfill holes/trenches for poles, anchors and cable by hand when required.
13.Assist other co-workers in framing, shoveling, tamping, cleanup of work site, conduit placement, wire pulling, guy tensioning, or other ground work.
14.Assist with operating Power Plant Engines/Generators and associated equipment.
15.Perform any other work assigned by the Lead Lineworker or designated supervisor required for the successful performance of work.

1. Drive various Electric Line Department vehicles as required
2. Assist Lead Lineworker or designated supervisor with job related paperwork as required.
3. Communicate written and verbally to co-workers in a clear and concise manner.
4. Attend training classes and seminars as required.
5. Participate in committee or team activities.


High school diploma or equivalent required.

1. One year work experience operating heavy equipment in a construction related industry preferred.

1. Understand and comply with applicable safety rules and regulations. 2. Understand all LLP operating practices and policies.
3. Know the LLP geographical service area and distribution circuit configuration.
4. Know and understand LLP construction specifications.
5. Complete familiarity with the APPA Safety Manual for an electric utility. 6. Familiarity with the National Electric Safety Code.
7. Demonstrate complete fluency in both oral and written English.

1. Function effectively during adverse or inclement weather conditions night and day.
2. Must be willing and able to travel out of town when required.
3. Must be willing and able to work outside of normal work hours when required.
4. Able to receive instruction and understand directions both written and verbally.
5. Must be willing and able to respond promptly and safely to oral and written orders.
6. Able to read and comprehend safety manuals, vehicle operating manuals, material specification manuals, job orders, maps, and other job-related documents.
7. Able to accurately perform basic mathematics (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division).
8. Able to prepare drawings and material lists as required for completion of work.
9. Able to use hand and small power tools and specialized electrical construction tools.
10.Able to perform other various and related tasks assigned by the Lead Lineworker or designated supervisor required for successful performance.

1. Function as a member of a work unit, maintaining an effective and cooperative relationship with all other employees.
2. Maintain a commitment to excellence and promote the same commitment in coworkers.
3. Recognize and acknowledge the obligation due to and importance of all LLP customers.
4. Recognize oneself as an integral part of the LLP organization that requires active cooperation with all other LLP employees.

1. Capable of climbing from the ground to the operator’s station on vehicles.
2. Capable of lifting and carrying a weight of 140 pounds a distance of 125 feet across an unpaved surface of earth and vegetation.
3. Capable of lifting and placing a weight of 140 pounds on an elevated surface 50 inches high.
4. Capable of working outdoors in all weather conditions, including periods of temperature extremes, day or night.

1. Must have a good driving record.
2. Must possess, at the time of employment or obtain at a time designated by LLP, a valid Class B Commercial Driver License allowing legal operation of a motor vehicle in Michigan. Must maintain a Class B CDL is a condition of employment.
3. Must possess, at the time of employment or obtain at a time designated by LLP, a valid Red Cross or equivalent certification of proficiency in adult CPR and first aid.

This job description and summary with related specifications and qualifications are to give the applicant/employee a reasonable expectation of the requirements and responsibilities of the position of Utility Ground Worker. Additional related tasks and assignments may be included as deemed necessary by management and would become an integral part of this job.

As stated on the current IBEW Working Agreement Hourly Pay Scale.

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