Rally Point Tennis Presents a “Be Active Summer Challenge”

We received the following press release from Rally Point Tennis.

Lowell, Michigan – Starting this Summer, Rally Point Tennis challenges you to be outside and active here in the Lowell and Ada area! We’ve teamed up with the local community to bring you an exciting and active summer of Summer Camps, Casual Matchplay, Tournaments, Adult Sessions, Cardio Tennis, Lessons, and More! Our programs open starting in June!

Tennis is a great way to get your family active and energized, especially during the summer months as school year sports are put on pause. Tennis has proven to be a sport any age can enjoy and can often be a lifetime sport. Mansour Bahrami (Age 66), a retired pro, is still playing and is as spry as ever– doing trick shots & rallies all the time!

Rally Point Tennis offers free and paid events for all ages weekly. Camps, Friday Matchplay, and Saturday Tournament registration are open now! Visit our club page to register for these events. (A Power Subscription makes paid events $10 cheaper)

Private and Group Lesson registration is also open. Sign up for lessons via our Calendly. Our extra sessions like Cardio Tennis and Adult Only Sessions are all planned with the community via our Facebook Group.

“The group allows the local community to discuss and help decide what we offer, when, how often, and even the type of sessions. A different approach that we’re proud of!” Said Caleb Kaufman, Head Coach and Founder. “Once we decide on these times with all of you, our extra sessions will begin.” Caleb Kaufman has played tennis for over 17 years, has over 8 years coaching experience, and has taught more than 370 new and experienced players at schools, YMCA’s, country clubs, groups, 1:1’s, and even abroad.

Research has shown that tennis may be the healthiest sport out there! Tennis players have the lowest incidence of cardiovascular disease lowering risk by 56%, it reduces stress, and greatly increases coordination, agility, and balance. An hour-long game can even burn up to 420-600 calories!

Rally Point Tennis programs are a great opportunity for players of all ages and skills to stay active throughout the summer, find new friends, and build long-term health.

Participate in the summer fun and see more information by visiting our website, and joining our Facebook Page and Group!

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