Real Estate Tips Heading into Fall

This guest article has been submitted by Rogers Neighborhood Realty.

A new school year has started, weather is cooling, and fall is here! The real estate market has shifted and become friendlier for buyers. In the fall we typically see more market activity. Buyers are home from their summer vacations and Seller’s want to move before the winter weather comes. We remain in a Seller’s Market, now is a great time to sell. Still, be ready to put your best foot forward when listing this season. As fall inventory increases, you’ll want your home to stand out among the competition. Here are our tips for home staging this season:

Feel overwhelmed by how much work your home needs? Just focus on 1-2 rooms and what your renovation budget allows. The National Association of Realtors put out a “Remodeling Impact Report” in 2022 which studies the financial return on your project investment. Focus on a project that will add to your home’s resale value: flooring and insulation is a great place to start! If you have hardwood floors already, consider refinishing them instead of a costly replacement. You can rent a professional sander and then stain and seal.

Why wait to update your home until you’re selling it to someone else to enjoy? If you’re not selling anytime soon, put in a little sweat equity now and do a project that will bring YOU joy. Even a deep cleaning and general maintenance can help keep your home in good condition for decades to come. Here are our recommendations for how to take care of your home this season:

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