Rich LaBombard Reflects on Two Years Working for Lowell

Rich LaBombard started working for the City of Lowell in May 2016 as DPW Director.  Since then he has taken on the role of Assistant City Manager, becoming more involved with projects and filling in for City Manger Mike Burns in his absence.

Some of the accomplishments he has been involved with the last two years include the completion of major sewer upgrades projects, replacement of two lift stations, and DPW equipment upgrades.  Repaving of Jefferson, Fremont, N. Broadway, and Hudson are also noted on his list of improvements in the City with which he has been involved. “I’ve worked in several communities prior to Lowell and the need to maintain infrastructure is constant while the resources to meet the need have diminished.” he says of the struggle to repave roads in the city.  But he doesn’t see just one person as the driving force behind these accomplishments. He looks at everything as a team approach, citing City employees, the City Manager, City Council, and Lowell residents all playing a part in achieving any accomplishments.

LaBombard loves the growth the City has seen and predicts it will continue to be a destination on many fronts.   City trails, community trails, regional trails, and the two rivers makes Lowell’s recreation amenities one area which draws visitors from other areas and keeps current residents close to home.  LaBombard also notes shops, restaurants, and breweries as reasons for the City to a be a place to experience playing, shopping, and eating. “Lowell is a classic destination City and it’s only getting better and better each year.  Lowell has managed to maintain its small town charm with a variety of things to do and see and it’s close to a major metropolitan area.” says LaBombard of the city.
In the coming year, the Showboat project will continue to be the Assistant City Manager’s focus, being part of the Rebuild the Showboat Committee.  Recently the group picked the American Classic decorating style and are looking for a shipbuilder in Michigan. LaBombard and the committee are eager for their planning to become a reality.
LaBombard has seen many accomplishments in the City the past two years and is looking forward to contributing to continued growth and success.

Photo in this article provided by the City of Lowell and used with permission.

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