Scenes from Lowell: Lineworkers Rodeo Edition

Lowell was represented in the annual American Public Power Associaion (APPA) Lineworkers Rodeo, held this year in Raleigh, NC on April 27-28.  Mark Droog, Zac Walker, and Steve Shade competed as a team in the Journeyman division while Rich Mutschler took part in the Apprentice division.  The APPA website says, “At the Rodeo, journeyman and apprentice lineworkers compete for professional recognition, attend training courses, and practice essential skills in a safe environment.” about the event.   Think of it as the Olympic Games for public power lineworkers.  Each year the event is held in a different city.  Last year was San Antonio, Texas and in the past competition has been in cities including Cleveland, Nashville, Sacramento, and Minneapolis.  Next year’s event is slated for Colorado Springs.

While Lowell could be considered a little fish in a big pond, competing against lineworkers who have hundreds of employees on a team, the group representing 49331 were eager to show their stuff.  “We went to represent LL&P and the community, to allow our employees to interact and learn from other lineman and people in their trade, and to grow together as a team and as a unit.” says Lowell Light and Power General Manager Steve Donkersloot.    Winning events wasn’t the value in competing.  The experience each year is where Lowell’s participants benefit.

If you see a Lowell Light and Power lineman while you’re out, thank them for their service.  And if you see one who competed this year congratulate them on representing the community through their experience.

The following photos are courtesy of Lowell Light and Power and are used with permission.  They show a glimpse of Lowell’s lineworkers in action.


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