Scenes from Lowell: Beautiful Farms of Lowell Edition

Light in the Clouds

Today, our scenes have been submitted by guest photographer, Kevin Barrett.   His images are stunning and showcase the beauty in our community.

Kevin Barrett, is proud to call the Lowell area his home. Is Lowell a beautiful place to live? Just look around you. Kevin is an avid walker, and independent businessman who creates digital imagery for the sheer joy of it. Photography is his favorite medium to work in. He finds it both simple to do, yet profoundly challenging to master. This challenge has captivated his interest since early childhood starting with simple point and shoot film cameras to today’s digital cameras and very capable mobile phones. The imagery shown here is all from the greater Lowell area from several years ago to just yesterday!  Like his page at to keep up with his latest photo adventures!


Light in the Clouds

Of Days Past



Lowell’s First Look would like to thank Kevin for sharing his amazing work.   There will be more guest Scenes from Lowell in the future.


  1. Vergennes Twp. , (next two) Kyser and Peck Lake Rd., Cascade Rd., Lincoln Lake Rd., Grand River Ave., Cascade Rd., and Segwun Ave.

  2. These are beautiful, Kevin and Thank You to Tina to for sharing. It would be fun to know where these are located.

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