Scenes from Lowell: Christmas Comes to Lowell Edition

Christmas Through Lowell has already happened and the Holiday Artists Market has been open for weeks, but this past weekend marked the real start of Christmas festivities. Take a look at everything that happened on Saturday as Lowell welcomed Santa to town.

First, we need to recognize that Christmas in Lowell would look very different without countless people who donate their time each year. From Chamber of Commerce volunteers directing traffic to see Santa to Curiosity Corner staff helping with crafts to Interact students handing out candy bags before the parade, these are the people who make our town’s celebration happen.

Santa visits officially started at 2:30pm although the big man arrived a little early this year much to kids’ delight. While they waited their turn to share their Christmas dreams, children could leave a note for Santa on the chalkboard, browse a scrapbook of pictures from the North Pole and take in all the holiday decorations that packed Santa’s room.

Once they reached the front of the line, Mrs. Claus helped children sign Santa’s guestbook.

The talented Bruce Doll captured each each child’s special moment with Santa, and those pictures can be accessed by parents free of charge on the Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce Facebook page. After visiting Santa, children were handed a candy cane from one of Santa’s elves. Then, they were able to grab another candy while checking out Santa’s mirror which shows only those kids who are on the nice list. A nearby sleigh provided one final photo op for Mom and Dad to take snap some memories before everyone was on their way.

Next door in the Chamber of Commerce building, kids and parents could grab a cookie and hot cocoa before working on some craft projects.

The table was full of kids coloring as well as creating snowmen, gingerbread folks and thumbprint holiday lights.

Nearby, at the library, a different type of fun was happening. The Friends of the Library book sale had readers of all ages filling their bags with books. At only $5 a bag, it was a bargain not to be beat!

Out back, the KDL Bookmobile was making a special appearance too.

Inside, there was a collection of children and adult books that could be checked out by anyone with a KDL library card.

As the sun disappeared, the cold and rain started to pick up. It made for a chilly parade, but Santa has flown through worse. The theme for this year’s evening event was Songs of Christmas, and there were lighted and musical entries of all kinds. The start of the parade included a number of fire engines and big trucks, including this one from Lowell Light & Power.

Community businesses, like Arctic Heating & Cooling, also made an appearance.

Youth groups from sports to scouts were marching in the parade. Plus, there were floats to light up the night.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Lowell parade without perennial favorites such as the Lowell Showboat pipe organ.

It also wouldn’t be a Lowell parade without our school bands. The Middle School was first to appear.

And then it was the high school students turn.

Right after the high school band was the man in red himself. Santa and Mrs. Claus signaled the end of the parade as they waved to the crowds on the street and wished everyone a very merry Christmas.

If you missed Santa on Saturday, you can catch him on the Riverwalk for the next three Wednesdays and Saturdays. There will also be a special Nite of Christmas Cheer on Friday, December 7th. Check the Chamber of Commerce website for more details.

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