Scenes from Lowell: Fallasburg Disc Golf

Sunday afternoon my family and I took in 18 holes at Fallasburg Park.  It was the first time we had been to the disc golf portion of the park.  And the first time our seven and five-year olds had ever played.  We were far from amateur status, not even using actual disc golf frisbees!  But our Squidgie flying discs were still good enough.

The course at Fallasburg offers a variety of difficulty when it comes to holes, although admittedly our experience is lacking, offering a hard and easier spot to start at each.  The course took us through different terrain as we enjoyed being outside on a fall afternoon.  Below are some of the photos from experience.

Getting ready to start on the first hole.

One hole starts at the bottom of a hill.  As long as you can throw without veering off course, it’s a straight shot to basket.

Another hole’s terrain had discs being through from one hill to another with a valley in between.

The start of each hole offers information on how far away the basket is, a graphic showing the two start locations and the end goal as well as how many shots it should take to put the disc in the basket.

Not all of the baskets are set up for easy shots.  Many have natural obstacles to deal with.

Disc golf can be played any time of the year as long as you’re willing to deal with nature’s elements.  This time of year is a great opportunity to enjoy nature, get some exercise, have some fun, and not have to deal with pesky insects or steamy weather.

Have you played on the course at Fallasburg?  How does it compare to others you’ve played?

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