Scenes from Lowell: LAS Summer Food Distribution

Summer breakfast and lunch food distribution continue. Food can be picked up at the main entrance at Lowell High School on Tuesdays from 9am-10am or from 5pm-6pm. Seven-day meal packages will be handed out through August 17, the week before school resumes. All students in the district from birth to 18 and special needs students up to the age of 26 are eligible with no sign-up is necessary.

According to Brad Stinson, Director of Dining Services for Lowell Area Schools, close to 200 families (290 kids) pick up food bundles each week. “We keep detailed records of how many kids we feed, as well as the meal components that make up each meal. It’s important that the kids get a well-rounded meals each day. We have tried to offer new fruits and vegetables for the kids each week.” states Stinson of the USDA-funded program. He continues with, “Lowell is no different than any other town, where we have a mix of different income levels here, and with this pandemic, more families than ever need access to these resources.”

Free breakfast and lunch will continue for all students. Stinson stresses the importance of parents filling out the free or reduced prices meal applications, which can be found at or in school offices. Approval is not necessary to receive free meals, however, the district receives State funds for other programs offered based on these applications.

Below are photos of district lunch staff preparing food to be picked up and distributing it. Fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as white and chocolate milk, are included in what is given to students each week.

Editor’s note: This article was updated on Aug. 4 to include information provided by Brad Stinson.

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