Scenes from Lowell: Love Week 2020 Edition

Photo courtesy of the FROM Facebook page

For several years, Impact Church has spearheaded Love Week. Members of the church band together to tackle the community’s to-do list. From cleaning up school grounds to clearing woodland trails, Love Week includes a diverse set of projects located throughout the greater Lowell area.

First Baptist Church has joined forces with Impact Church to complete Love Week projects, and organizer Bob Rogers would love to see more churches get involved in the future. During this difficult year, Love Week provides some good news about the impact people can have when they come together for a good cause.

Overall, approximately 20 projects were finished as part of Love Week. Here’s a look at a few:

One of the bigger projects of Love Week 2020 was giving the historic Fallasburg Schoolhouse a face lift.

Photo courtesy of Bob Rogers

And here’s a look at the newly repainted building.

Photo courtesy of Bob Rogers

Crews also worked at the Lowell City Airport…

…along the Riverwalk…

…and at Cherry Creek Elementary School.


This set of quadruplets was among the crew at Cherry Creek. Their mom said it was the second year their family had worked near a playground but, at least at the time of our visit, the kids had resisted the urge to run off and play.

At Alpha Family Center, some volunteers worked inside…

…while others tackled the hot and sweaty task of pouring concrete for a new sidewalk outside.

Photo courtesy of FROM Facebook page

At Flat River Outreach Ministries, volunteers cleaned up a courtyard…

Photo courtesy of FROM Facebook page

…and left it weed-free.

Photo courtesy of Bob Rogers

Among the other projects were cleaning up the grounds at Lowell High School…

Photo courtesy of Bob Rogers

…painting cabinets at the Curiosity Corner Preschool…

…and clearing the Cooper Woodland Trail.

Photo courtesy of Bob Rogers

Love Week 2020 is a wrap, and the community is a better place for it.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered!


  1. Why no masks, except for the staged picture? Good deeds done by them compromised by their careless disregard for following health safety protocols. How many children did they place at risk?

    • Hi Ana,

      I want to clarify that the photo of the boys was not staged. They were inside the Alpha Family Center with their masks when I arrived.

      Michigan doesn’t require masks be worn outside unless people are unable to maintain their distance from others, and the CDC defines close contact as being within 6 feet of someone for at least 15 minutes. At the locations I personally visited — the Fallasburg Schoolhouse, Alpha Family Center and Cherry Creek Elementary — outside volunteers appeared to all be working in family groups or at a distance from one another. I can’t speak to the conditions at the other sites.


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