Scenes from Lowell: School Christmas Parties Edition

Photo courtesy of Murray Lake Elementary.

Last week in Scenes from Lowell, we took a look at some community Christmas parties. This week, it’s time to see how students celebrated the start of their Christmas break.

The fun started early in one second grade class at Cherry Creek Elementary School. They began the day with a special breakfast of waffles, fruit and muffins.

Meanwhile, kindergarten students at Bushnell Elementary School took time out of their day to make gingerbread, er graham cracker, houses.

Voila! The finished creation!

Photo courtesy of Murray Lake Elementary.

At Murray Lake Elementary School, the second and third grade students performed their holiday concert to the delight of everyone in attendance.

Photo courtesy of St. Patrick School

Down the road at St. Patrick School, kids were all smiles as they completed Christmas crafts.

Photo courtesy of St. Patrick School

The fourth graders made slime while other classes played games, and everyone had plenty of treats to eat, of course.

Now that the fun at school is done, it’s time to make memories with your family during the next two weeks. Enjoy your break students!

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