Scenes from Lowell: The Appreciation Edition

Last week Bushnell/Cherry Creek celebrated Staff Appreciation Week (a week prior to the national celebration).  Throughout the week teachers and school staff were recognized for their work throughout the school year helping kids “reach for the stars”.

Each day something different was done for staff.  One day it was a taco bar lunch.  Another was an apple bar snack.  Chips and Gatorade were also left in workrooms.  Principals Erin Walters and Shelli Otten each also provided a meal for their building.  Food is always a hit!  Mrs. Lum from Cherry Creek Elementary thanked the PTO for the meal saying, “We are all so grateful for your kindness every day! Did you know when there’s a meal we all see more of each other as we gather together!?!”.

Taco bar ready for customers.
An after shot of what remained at the end of the apple bar.
Snacks left for staff.

Each classroom also received some supplies to finish off the year.  It’s a bird!  It’s a plane!  It’s a rocket!

The end of each year a winning class is selected for bringing in the most Box Top labels throughout the year.  This year’s winning class at Bushnell is Mrs. Henige’s kindergarten class.  The top class at Cherry Creek is Mrs. Beaufait’s third grade class.  Each class will receive a pizza party lunch.  A randomly selected king and queen are also drawn from a pool of those who have brought in Box Tops as well.  Max and Ranika earned the distinction for this school year at Bushnell while Corrie and Sawyer got the honors at Cherry Creek.

Max and Ranika from Bushnell Elementary School.
Corrie and Sawyer from Cherry Creek Elementary School. Photo courtesy of Cherry Creek.

Staff at Alto Elementary were also appreciated.  This week they had treats and recognition with a Harry Potter theme.  Photos courtesy of Alto Elementary.

The inconvenience of traffic shifts, closed roads, and congestion as construction begins on Hudson and North Broadway will be appreciated when complete.

Finally, take time this weekend (and throughout the year) to appreciate your mom and motherly figures in your life!

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