Scenes from Lowell: Expo Edition

Saturday was the 21st Lowell Community Expo. Here’s a look at some of the fun from the day.

The ladies from the Curiosity Corner Preschool at Lowell Area Schools gather for a group photo.


Police Chief Steve Bukala invited those passing by to a simple challenge: throw three bean bags into three buckets. The only catch? You have to wear goggles that simulate what it’s like to be intoxicated. We can only imagine what the chief was thinking when one person managed a perfect score.


Council members Jim Hodges, Alan Teelander and Greg Canfield helped man the City of Lowell booth.


The West Michigan Bluegrass Music Association jammed in the hallway between gyms.


The Lowell Area Historical Museum was helping to spread the word about the history of the Lowell Showboat and the plans to rebuild it.


Oak Meadow Tree Service demonstrated how they are able to get up to trim the really, really tall trees.



Branch Adventures brought a little bit of the outdoors inside with their display which included a campfire set-up and climbing wall.


Oh the cuteness! Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park brought an albino wallaby that was a hit with visitors young and old.


Slightly less cuddly was this alligator, also brought by Boulder Ridge. Eventually it will grow to be 12 feet long so this might be its one and only appearance at Expo.


J&K Roadside Service was one of the main Expo sponsors. Its truck out front reminded people of the dangers of trying to use electronic devices while on the road.

The front of the Lowell High School was filled with police, fire and other outdoor displays.


As long as the rain held off, Lowell Light & Power gave brave visitors a lift in the bucket of their utility truck. Now that’s something to put on your to-do list for next year!

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