Scenes from Lowell: Vacation Bible School Edition

Summer is only half over, but plenty of kids have already gone back to school. They haven’t been focusing on their reading and arithmetic though. Instead, they have been singing songs, making crafts and learning lessons of faith at Vacation Bible School.

Here’s a look back at some of the Vacation Bible Schools and similar programs that have been held in Lowell so far this summer. If you have another one to add, please send your photos to [email protected]

First Baptist Church of Lowell

In June, First Baptist Church of Lowell held a summer kids event called Maker Fun Factory. During it, kids from preschool—6th grade were taught God made them for a purpose. They had a chance to participate in singing fun songs, playing teamwork-building games, testing (and taking home) fun science gizmos and experience hands-on Bible adventures. Each evening concluded with a Funshop Finale where family and friends were invited to join in on the fun.

Kids at Maker Fun Factory worked together to bring in pennies for Alpha Family Center of Lowell, raising $340 to help out a great resource in our community.

If you missed the Maker Fun Factory, your kids can find similar fun during the school year through the Awana program at First Baptist Church. Open to all children in the community from preschool—6th grade, Awana will start on September 10 and runs from 6:15pm-8:00pm. More information about this and other programs offered at the church can be found on the First Baptist Church website.

Here’s a look back at the week with some photos compliments of First Baptist Church of Lowell.





First Congregational United Church of Christ

At the First Congregational United Church of Christ, the summer program was called Science Camp. It is a place where kids were encouraged to explore the wonder of God’s world. They sang songs, talked about being stewards of God’s world and met people of faith who use science everyday.

What’s more, this Science Camp hit the road. Participants did all the following:

  • Explored creek habitats
  • Visited the Air Zoo and Impressions 5
  • Toured the Lowell Airport
  • Got a visit from a drone pilot
  • Were up close and personal with bees
  • Looked at bacteria
  • Painted chairs to help celebrate Chair-A-Tee

An amazing time was had by all, and here are the photos to prove it, courtesy of First Congregational United Church of Christ. More photos can be found on the church’s Facebook page.






Although not a traditional Vacation Bible School, KidsGames operates on a similar premise. Kids come together for a fun week that includes lessons of faith and virtue tied in with athletic activities. Its a global program that is in its second year in Lowell. Kids in grades preschool-5th grade were able to choose from an eclectic group of activities including the Ninja Warrior Course, a Nerf War, fishing, flag football and track and field.

The following photos come courtesy of KidsGames Lowell. More can be found on the Lowell Kids Games Facebook page.






St. Patrick Church

More than 90 kids from preschool-6th grade went on a Wilderness Adventure through the Sacraments at St. Patrick Church. The program included everything you’d expect from a traditional Vacation Bible School: games, crafts, songs and plenty of fun. Each day, participants learned about a different sacrament, saint, scripture verse and virtue. They then rotated through five different stations that covered music, games, faith, snacks and crafts. There were water games, treats based on the daily theme and more. At the end of the week, parents were invited to for a brief performance of a few of the songs learned during the program.







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