Series: Game On – An Introduction

As part of a new monthly editorial series I will be writing about my experience playing various board games.  As an introduction, I thought I’d write a little about what I look for in a board or card game.  My intention isn’t to give a grade or number of stars in my reviews.  There are pros and cons to any game depending on the type of experience you desire.  

I have two boys, a five and a half-year old (that half is important!) and an almost four-year old, so there’s a good chance my reviews will mention something about playing the game with them.  I’ll also comment on how I think kids and adults of all ages would enjoy a game I’ve played.  Many of our games are for older kids which we adapt to our family.  This will be a work in progress and develop with each review.  

When looking for a family game I feel it should be fun regardless of age.  I like games which can be challenging, creative, and educational.   Perhaps not all at once but some combination.  Some of the games in our family collection are classics.  No, not the “classic” Candyland or Sorry brought back with some modern cartoon characters.  Not even the “retro” versions aimed at parents who want to relive their past.  They’re originals from when Andrew and I were kids!

Early games were likely played using sticks, rocks, and drawing in the dirt.  Games declare a winner by reaching a goal as an individual, team, or entire group.  My family has found playing games together results in laughter, getting to know each other, and learning through a fun activity.  I hope to introduce games you’ll be encouraged to try out yourself if you’re unfamiliar with them!

Here we are.  We’re serious, funny, curious, and most importantly just us.  This is one of the rare photos that exist with all four human members of our family – we also have a dog.  Overall I’d like to think we’re family with busy schedules trying to find some time for fun together playing board games whenever possible.  We are the Schraubens.

What are some of your favorite board and card games?

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