Sneak Peak at Big Boiler Eats

The Red Arrow

The Grand Opening of Big Boiler Brewing is here.   Although the 7:00pm seating has sold out, there are still tickets available for the 5:00pm, 5:30pm and 7:30pm seating.  Be the first to try out the specialties prepared by Chef Jake Warnes and Rick Sauber.   Funds raised from ticket sales will benefit the LowellArts moving to Main campaign.   Last chance to purchase a ticket will be today at 5:30pm, June 23rd.

Jake Warnes prepares for the Grand Opening


Rick Sauber expertly mans the grill


The pub style burgers and wings won’t leave you disappointed.

The John Wayne
Pork Sandwich
The Showboat









Big Brew Chicken Wings
The Hawaiian






Pecans with a touch of wasabi
Fresh Mushrooms ready to be sauteed

The stylish decor by Mi Hometown Furnishings is as inviting as the friendly staff that will greet you.

Relax in a comfortable seating area by Mi Home Furnishings
Amazing decor

Don’t forget to sample the freshly brewed craft beers by brewmaster Matthew Fouts.

Oatmeal Stout – Ready to be sampled

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