Spreading Kindness Through Written Letters

For two fifth grade students at Cherry Creek Elementary School recess isn’t about playing on the playground or socializing with friends.  Since October, Marisa Miller and Reese Wagamon have been hand writing letters to teachers and staff at their school.

Inspiration from a Dream
Last October, Cherry Creek Elementary students participated in a kindness week.  They were encouraged to be kind to others, come up with ways to spread and show kindness to others, and more.  “I dreamt it in my sleep.” says Miller about how she came up with the letter writing idea.  It didn’t take much to convince her friend Wagamon to form a team calling themselves the Mystery Note Writers.  

Throughout the school year, the pair have spent their recess time writing notes.  They typically write and leave a note for someone everyday signing it “Mystery note writers”.  At the end of the week, their last letter reveals who they are.  Each note also includes a joke with a post-it note covering the answer giving the recipient time to come up with an answer before the big reveal.

Classroom teachers in every grade, art, music, and gym teachers have all received these notes of thanks.  The PTO, office staff, and even para-educators in the building have been thanked for the work they do in the school.  Each note has a personal touch and thanks, recognizing the individual.  Custodians and Superintendent Pratt will round out the year.

Giving Thanks
The efforts of these two fifth grade students has not gone unnoticed.  And while those receiving letters appreciate the recognition, adults in the building would like to make sure Miller and Wagamon also receive some thanks.  The letters put smiles on faces each day.  An unexpected note written, by hand goes a long way.

What started off as an idea during kindness week at the beginning of the school year has grown into a project which truly shows the ability of kids to make a positive impact and influence.  These two fifth grade students may be moving on to middle school at the beginning of the next school year, but their acts of kindness without seeking anything in return will be remembered for a long time.

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