Stylist at Jultara Salon Shares His Passion with Others

Ronnie Thomas has spent nearly three decades working on other people’s hair. He has spent the past three months at Jultara Salon and is eager to help others look and feel their best. 

Love of Helping Others Feel Beautiful

Thomas is a resident of Ionia. He grew up there but left to live in and travel to various parts of the country before returning almost a decade ago. His return was marked by a terminal diagnosis. He was given a month to live, however, that was over eight years ago. His fight and will to live have come through the compassion felt when he’s able to help others.

He has worked on the hair of a variety of people including John Travolta and Kelly Preston when he had a salon in Ocala, Florida. Thomas also has a passion for giving back. He has helped countless homeless people by giving them haircuts. He feels that having your hair done is a huge part of looking great and feeling good about yourself. This is especially true when donating his services to homeless shelters. 

“Hair is my passion and it shows in my work. I listen, I’m compassionate. It’s never about me, it’s always about the wonderful people I serve and they always get the best from me.” he says about why people should make an appointment with him. He’s eager to help others “look more amazing than they already do”.

Make an Appointment

The relationship and rapport one has with his or her hairstylist is often important to hone in on. A stylist is typically seen on a regular basis. Whoever is selected is responsible for making an outward appearance meet or exceed expectations but this can also lead to an inward feeling of beauty and confidence. Thomas is looking for individuals to get to know, be friendly with, and help feel good about themselves.

Thomas is able to do color retouching, all-over color, corrective color, partial hilite, full hilite, perms, any kind of haircut on men and women and children, and eyebrow waxing. He says hilites and haircuts are his favorite things to do, but he’s happy making everyone beautiful however he or she would like it to happen.

You’ll find Thomas at Jultara Salon located at 505 W. Main Fridays 11am – 7pm and Saturdays 9am – 3pm. Those wishing to make an appointment with Thomas can call 616-466-6001.

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