The Lowell Riddler: First Clue for Riddle #9 in 2022

There is a new game in town. The Lowell Riddler is hiding medallions in and near the City of Lowell for residents to find and turn in for gift cards to local businesses. Below is the first clue for Riddle #9 of the year.

Note: This riddle has been solved!


Clue #1

When day and night are the same,

And everyone’s glad they came.

You might hear a chant,

Or maybe you can’t

In that place with a rock in its name.

Prize Package #9:

Lowell Bucks sponsored by
Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce

Gift Certificate sponsored by
Chimera Design

Lowell Bucks sponsored by
Canfield Plumbing & Heating

Gift Card sponsored by
Flat River Grill

Gift Card sponsored by
Sweet Seasons

An Anonymous Donation of a Gift Certificate for
Keiser’s Kitchen

Here’s what you’re looking for:

NOTE: The medallion search-area has been expanded to include the City of Lowell and nearby township locations linked to the city by sidewalk or trail. (See additional Riddling Rules below.)


The Riddler of the Year Contest

A final Riddle in mid-August
with a final prize package that grows and grows!
(See this article outlining the Riddler of the Year rules.)

The Riddler of the Year
Contest Prize Package Contributions
Year-to Date
(Check weekly for updates)

Riddler of the Year

Qualified Participants

Riddler of the Year

Sponsored Prizes of Lowell Bucks, Gift Cards/Certificates:

  • Melissa Nietupski

  • Eric Mundt

  • Christian Huisman

  • Paul Mundt

  • Mark Weaver

  • Sarah Jones & Melissa Springsteen

  • Peggy Brown

  • Paul Mundt

  • Peggy and Mark Brown

  • Mike and Brady DeVore

  • Mark Weaver - Riddler of the Year

  • Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce

  • Chimera Design

  • Flat River Cottage

  • Sweet Seasons

  • Canfield Plumbing & Heating

  • Keiser's Kitchen

  • Big Boiler Brewery

  • Rookie's Sports Cards Plus

  • Flat River Grill

  • Ice Cream Caboose

  • Red Barn Consignment & Antiques

  • MI Hometown Furnishings

  • Mynt Fusion Bistro

  • Anonymous Donation - Ball's Softee Creme

  • Anonymous Donation - Lowell Bucks

  • Anonymous Donation - Ada/Lowell 5

  • Anonymous Donation - Sneaker's Bar & Grill

  • Anonymous Donation - Gary's Meat Market

  • Anonymous Donation - Heidi's Farmstand

  • Anonymous Donation - Ripple

Riddling Instructions:

When You Find the Medallion: Immediately, take a selfie while holding the medallion in the location that you found it.  Then email the selfie, your name, the location you found it, along with your mailing address and phone number to [email protected]. Your prize package will be mailed to you and your selfie will be published on Lowell’s First Look web page. The medallion is yours to keep as a memory of riddling expertise.

Always Remember: Hidden medallions are accessible 24 hours a day. They will always be hidden in the City of Lowell and nearby township locations linked to the city by sidewalk or trail.  They will never be on private property.  They will never be in the cemetery.  They will never be buried in the ground. You may have to move grass, snow or leaves or remove a covering of colored tape to see them. They will always be within reachable height by an adult.  They could be hanging on a string or rubber band or attached by a magnet.  Your participation in this activity is purely voluntary. Please respect icy, slippery conditions and crossing busy streets.  Most of all, have fun solving the riddle.

Riddler Prize Donations: The Lowell Riddler welcomes prize donations of gift cards and Lowell Bucks in $20-$25 amounts! Help “Riddle It Forward” by boosting Lowell businesses and create some family fun at the same time! Send those gift cards and Lowell Bucks to The Lowell Riddler, P.O. Box 883, Ada, MI 49301 OR drop them off at the Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce.  Your generosity will be mentioned as a prize sponsor unless you prefer to be anonymous.  Please direct your questions and comments to [email protected]

We will be publishing new clues each Saturday at 9 am. Once a riddle has been solved we will update this article, the graphic at the top of our website, and the Facebook post where we shared the article to indicate that the current riddle has been solved. This will be done as soon as we’re able after hearing from The Riddler. Within a few days after a riddle has been solved we will publish an article explaining where the riddle was found and who the winner is. Happy hunting!


  1. Is it possible to include where each solved riddle medallion was located?

    I’m from Lowell, and just came across this activity; what a great idea and marketing technique to get all kinds of people involved with their community. Very cool!

    • Hi Erin! After each riddle is solved we post a separate article telling people where it was found, how found it, and how the clues led to the location. If you keep checking our webpage or follow us on Facebook you’ll see when they are published.

      There is only one more riddle left before the Lowell Riddler takes a break for the rest of the year and will hopefully return in spring 2023.

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