The Lowell Riddler: Riddle #1 Solved!

The Lowell Riddler is hiding medallions in the City of Lowell and offering area residents the chance to win a prize of local gift cards. Look for a new clue or riddle each Saturday!

Jason Wasciuk and his son Evan found the first medallion left by the Lowell Riddler a little more than 24 hours after the first clue was revealed. One of their favorite books is Ready Player One where riddles are solved to win a prize. “The idea of solving a riddle was especially intriguing to us. As we read the clues and started brainstorming we became more excited and motivated to look.” says Wasciuk. “Plus it was a good excuse to get outside and do something.”

The pair found the medallion on their first time out looking for it. “Reminiscing a thought” tipped them off to the location at Englehardt Library. They thought the riddle was well worded without being too hard. It took them some careful looking and a little luck to find it.

Here’s what The Lowell Riddler sent us when announcing the winner and the answers behind the riddle:



Jason and Evan Wasciuk from Belding!

They braved the cold and found the medallion!
They win gift cards from Subway and Flat River Grill and Lowell Bucks!

Here are the clues and the answers:

Between old lessons taught (Old Unity School)
and many items bought (Main Street)
Within earshot of summer (Summer Concerts area)
and reminiscing a thought (Showboat)
Look closely alongside (The Library),
let fishing be your guide (attached to fishing line)
I’ll be hanging around, fit to be tied
(Tied and hanging from the rail against the wall on the deck)

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