The Restless Viking: North Fox Island By Plane

We’re reaching back into the Restless Viking archives to share this video — the first one they posted to YouTube back on May 24, 2019.

Dubbed an “Epic Flight to Remote Island,” it follows Chuck and company as they fly from Greenville to North Fox Island. If flying isn’t your thing, skip ahead to the 17-minute mark for a look at the Woolsey Memorial Field in Northport, Michigan.


Chuck and Martha Hayden, aka The Viking and Poppins, enjoy going on adventures off the beaten path. They also like to share their explorations with others. The Viking is a retired expedition leader while Poppins is a retired teacher. The two offer independent views of their journeys showcasing places, people, and cultures as they explore the world. Visit and follow them on their website and social media accounts. Website | Facebook | Instagram |YouTube

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