Twin Sisters Bring Their Design Skills to Lowell

Growing up on a family farm in Grattan Township, twin sisters Kendra Steinhaus and Kerra Schroeder spent plenty of time in the great outdoors. However, when it came to pursuing their own careers, they decided to take their jobs inside.

Steinhaus and Schroeder own Times Two Design Company and provide a range of interior design services from mood boards to complete design packages. While the company has worked on houses as far north as Traverse City, about a quarter of their clients are in Lowell, Steinhaus says. That’s not surprising since the duo continues to live in the area and have children enrolled at St. Patrick School which is within the Lowell Area Schools district.

“It’s always been a dream of ours to go into business,” Steinhaus says. While it took nearly a decade of working professionally to reach this point, they are now making that dream a reality with Times Two Design Company.

From MSU to their Own Design Firm

Steinhaus and Schroeder are part of a farming family that can trace its roots in the area back to 1845 when their great-great grandfather emigrated from Ireland. That laid the foundation for Heffron Farms, now owned by the twin’s father, to be founded in 1921 as a dairy operation. While the sisters’ brothers have opted to continue on as the fourth generation at Heffron Farms, Steinhaus and Schroder chose to take a different path.

The two enrolled in Michigan State University to study interior design. Steinhaus focused on commercial design while Schroeder studied residential design. “Right after college, we separated to find different jobs in different fields,” Steinhaus says.

After nearly a decade of working in separate jobs, the sisters decided it only made sense to bring their talents together. They formed Times Two Design Company and have quickly discovered that they not only enjoy working with each other but enjoy having the opportunity to help clients transform their homes to match their dreams.

Bringing an HGTV Feel to Remodeling Projects

No two projects are the same, and Steinhaus notes the company offers a variety of services to meet the needs of each client. In some cases, a person may be unhappy with a room in the house, and a mood board can be used for inspiration to create a new, cohesive look. Other clients may be looking for a more substantial remodel.

While Times Two Design Company doesn’t do architectural drawings, they can create comprehensive design plans that can be turned over to a contractor. Steinhaus and Schroeder start by meeting with clients to understand their wants, needs and current space constraints. Then, the sisters create a polished design using 3-D software.

“It gives our clients the HGTV feeling of what a remodel might look like,” Steinhaus says, referencing the type of 3-D designs often shown on the television network’s renovation shows.

It typically takes 2-3 weeks for the initial design to be completed. The client then gets a chance to sit down and take a look at it from all angles of the room and provide feedback. When they are satisfied with the design, Steinhaus and Schroeder pass off a design packet to their clients. If necessary, they can also make connections to local contractors who can implement the design.

Steinhaus says using the software allows them to quickly turnaround designs and easily experiment with a number of different options, helping them tackle even the most challenging projects. “There is always a solution,” Steinhaus says.

Most of all, the sisters hope the design experience will be as enjoyable for their clients as it is for them. To see an online portfolio of their work, visit the Times Two Design Company website. You can also follow the company on Facebook.


All photos courtesy of Times Two Design Company

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