Used Bookstore Coming to Downtown Lowell

Nicole Lintemuth has dreamed of opening her own bookstore.  This dream has become a reality with Bettie’s Pages opening at 96 E. Main Street in downtown Lowell later this month.  The shop will focus on used books but a selection of new offerings, coffee, tea, and vintage items will also be available for purchase.  

Nod to Bettie Page

The name Bettie’s Pages came about through the inspiration of 50s pinup star Bettie Page.  Lintemuth herself has entered pinup contests. Inspired by those who came before her, she wanted to honor them.  A friend came up with the idea for the business name, which Lintemuth loved and went with.  

Lintemuth will be leaving a job in the banking industry she has had for eight years.  “I’m a huge book nerd so I’ve always daydreamed about the idea of owning a bookstore, but never thought it could really happen until my friends started encouraging me to pursue idea.” says Lintemuth of achieving her dream.  She’ll focus mainly on used books embracing the idea of “giving these books new life”. She has the ability to special order new books, audio, and ebooks should her customers seek something specific, however she says her heart is “in the treasure hunt of used books”.

Depending on her current stock, Bettie’s Pages will be open to customers coming in with their own books to add to the store’s offerings.  They’ll be offered store credit for future purchases on any books added to the inventory.   

Wide Selection of Books and Activities

Lintemuth is working on preparing a huge selection of books from genres including romance, historical fiction, general fiction, westerns, sci-fi, young adult, and kids’ selections.  “While I might not have the exact book you’re looking for, I promise every reader will find a good book in the store.” she says. Inventory will continually change so customers will want to stop in regularly to see new items from a favorite section or try a novel outside one’s comfort zone when it comes to reading.  Lintemuth will be able to help customers find what they’re looking for an offer suggestions.  

In addition to books, Bettie’s Pages will host events 1-2 nights a week after hours such as girls’ night, game night, and classic movie night.  Activities like book clubs, storytime, co-working time, writers’ groups, and more will also take place during the day.  

Lintemuth’s goal is to create a gathering space, atmosphere, and experience which promotes community.  Tea and coffee will be available as well as vintage inspired gifts. Her hope is to provide a place where adults can make new friends and gather with current friends.  Those who don’t already have a built-in network from work or school can become part of one through a love of books. The space will also be available for use by outside groups.  

Coming to the Heart of Downtown Lowell

Statistics show, according to Lintemuth, that $.80 of every dollar spent in an independent bookstore stays local.  She is looking forward to sharing her dream with the Lowell community. “Independent bookstores, especially used bookstores are a great resource for any community. You never know what treasures you’re going to find in them and they help support local authors and artists.” she says.  

Lintemuth and her husband moved to Lowell in 2017 from the lakeshore area.  Both she and her husband love the area and the sense of community. Her husband has been her biggest supporter sharing in her excitement and offering encouragement along the way.  Friends and family have also helped Lintemuth prepare for her official opening day by helping gather, sort, and organize books.  

Independent bookstores, especially used bookstores are a great resource for any community. You never know what treasures you’re going to find in them and they help support local authors and artists.  “I am excited about the opportunity to join the downtown businesses and share my passion for reading and events with Lowell. I’ve been blown away by the kindness of this community and I am really proud to be a part of it.” Lintemuth comments.

The business can be followed on Facebook where updates about events and other happenings will be posted.  Customers can also visit the store’s webpage where a wish list can be made.  Customers who create one will be notified when a book on the list is available at the store.  Bettie’s Pages will be located at 96 E. Main Street. Hours of operation will be Tuesday through Saturday 11am – 7pm and Sunday 2pm – 5pm.  These times could shift a bit after opening depending on the needs of customers. An official opening date is yet to be determined.

Images courtesy of Bettie’s Pages.


  1. I’ve been in Lowell just a little over two years. I love it here. I found my ideal town in retirement. I can get to everything quickly and most of it in walking distance. Except — a book store. Much success to Bettie’s Pages. I’ll be dropping by.

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