Vergennes Twp Board Recap: Business Plans Approved

The Vergennes Township Board met for nearly 80 minutes on Monday night for its regular February meeting. The agenda included two presentations by special guests as well as a site plan and two special exception use permit applications for township properties. All board members were present, and more than two dozen members of the public sat in on the meeting as the audience.

Business Plans Get Green Light

Three businesses had plans before the Vergennes Township Board during the meeting.

First was Arrowhead Golf Course, which has been the subject of an extended discussion during January’s board meeting. But in February, there wasn’t much discussion as board members considered documents that would apparently facilitate semi-enclosed hitting bays at the golf course.

“It looks pretty self-explanatory to me,” said Township Supervisor Tim Wittenbach.

The board then voted unanimously to send the plans to the Vergennes Township Planning Commission to consider whether a special exception use permit should be granted for the project. Wittenbach added that the vote shouldn’t be considered a preapproval from the board.

Under old business, the board also unanimously approved a site plan for the expansion of an industrial park site at 697 Lincoln Lake Ave. The Planning Commission recommended approval contingent on the addition of some parking spaces.

The board also unanimously approved a special exception use permit for a business to sell vehicles from the property at 300-320 Lincoln Lake Ave. This permit was apparently the subject of extensive discussion during Planning Commission meetings as the owners of adjacent properties expressed concern about the plan.

Apparently, there are no homes nearby on the adjoining properties, but they are zoned for residential use and the owners thought they may be developed at some point. However, on the township master plan, those properties are slated for commercial use.

The property at 300 Lincoln Lake Ave. has most recently been used for pool manufacturing and previously housed other commercial uses. The Planning Commission recommended approval of the special exception use permit for the outdoor sale of vehicles so long as a hard surfaced lot was created and trees and fencing were installed to provide screening.

Other Township Board Activities

The Monday meeting also included the following:

  • A presentation about the Lowell Area Historical Museum’s 2021 activities.
  • A presentation about invasive plants by the Kent Conversation District.
  • Approval of annual property exemption poverty guidelines.
  • Approval of a bid from Scenic Expressions to provide lawn care for the township in 2022.

In final board member comments, Clerk Shantell Ford noted that efforts were already underway to prepare for the year’s elections. Wittenbach said that he had spoken to Fire Chief Shannon Witherell about mechanical issues with one of the department’s trucks. The root of the problem was still unknown.

No public comments were taken during the meeting, which adjourned at 8:19pm.

The next regular meeting of the Vergennes Township Board will be Monday, March 21, at 7pm.

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