Voodoo Foodoo Truck Offers Unique Menu in Lowell

Gerard Despres and Jarred Sper were neighbors growing up in Lowell. Friends for over three decades, the pair have talked about starting a business together for many years. That opportunity came in early 2019 when they purchased the Voodoo Foodoo Truck. They spent over a year working more than 500 hours refurbishing and renovating the vehicle from top to bottom. In mid-November of last year they began offering the Voorito, which has been a hit ever since. 

The Voodoo Foodoo truck originated in Pennsylvania. It was owned by a brewery and was used as a rolling kitchen. Sper saw the available truck and began the process of purchasing it. On November 13, 2020 Despres and Sper acquired the necessary paperwork from the Kent County Health Department to open their business and made their first appearance at New Union Brewery the following day. The duo have an agreement with New Union Brewery to provide food service Thursday, Friday, and Saturday through the winter. They are considering being available at other locations around Lowell, Greenville, Grand Rapids and Rockford on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The two live in Forest Hills and Rockford but the business is based out of Lowell.

To say that Vooritos are a hit is an understatement. The truck has sold out of food every night they’ve been operational, selling hundreds of Vooritos each weekend. Despres and Sper are already reinvesting into the business so they can expand their capacity moving forward in order to serve more people. 

The Voorito is available in chicken or beef. Other ingredients included inside the burrito can be found on the menu located on their webpage. The last two weekends an elk Voorito has been available as well. The menu is designed to be “original, full flavored, unique and seasonally flexible”. Look for other exotic proteins choices including kangaroo and rattlesnake in the future. When available, the Breakfast Voorito’s main ingredients include scrambled eggs, bacon, and potato hash.

“We’re focused on quality whole foods and we have distinctly set ourselves apart by bringing a unique point of difference to our Voorito through the cheese curtain that encapsulates the entire outer layer of the tortilla.” says Despres. When asked about why people should purchase a Voorito he cites flavor, originality, and value.

When appearing at New Union Brewery, service is available Thursdays and Fridays 4pm-7pm and Saturdays 10am-12pm selling the Breakfast Voorito and 2pm-8pm selling regular Vooritos. Follow the Voodoo Foodoo Truck on Facebook or Instagram to keep tabs on special menu items and when and where to find them. 

Photos courtesy of Voodoo Foodoo Truck and used with permission.

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  1. We not only enjoyed the tasty voorito but the outdoor ambiance was so family fun with families gathering around warm wood fire

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