News doesn’t happen only once a week, and neither does Lowell’s First Look.

As the community’s online news source, Lowell’s First Look was created to provide an alternate to the traditional way of reporting and delivering the news. Check back regularly for insight into local issues, profiles of existing and emerging business and recaps of community events.

Beyond delivering the local news in an easy-to-access format, Lowell’s First Look offers a forum for residents to share their own milestones and events. Whether you want to celebrate the birth of a new family member or commemorate the life of a loved one you’ve lost, you’re welcome to do that here at no cost by filling out the announcement submission form.

After all, Lowell’s First Look is not just THE news, it’s OUR news.

Maryalene LaPonsie, Tina Dickerman, and Amanda Schrauben
Maryalene LaPonsie, Tina Dickerman, and Amanda Schrauben

The Faces Behind the News

Lowell’s First Look was founded in September 2016 by Tina Dickerman, Maryalene LaPonsie and Amanda Schrauben. While these three women have vastly different political, religious and social backgrounds, they have one thing in common: a love for Lowell.

Tina, Maryalene, and Amanda are all part of the Lowell community.  They have a vested interest in doing something positive for the community.  Separately these women wanted to be involved with the community.  Together they created a business showing a team effort can make ideas a reality.

Tina Dickerman

Tina is a lifelong resident of Lowell and was instrumental in spearheading the initiative to build the Creekside Kingdom playground in 1994. Along with a team of volunteers, Tina helped raise $100,000 to help create the 16,000 square foot park which is enjoyed by countless families today. Tina and her husband Jeff own Optec Inc., which manufactures electro-optical instrumentation for astronomy and microscopy. They have four adult children and five grandchildren.

Maryalene LaPonsie

Maryalene moved to Lowell in 1998 and can’t imagine life anywhere else. She spent more than a decade serving on various boards, including the Lowell Light and Power Board, Arbor Board and a short stint on the City Council. She was a longtime chair of the Planning Commission as well. Today, she volunteers at St. Patrick School and St. Mary’s Church in addition to her work with Lowell’s First Look and other community organizations. Maryalene and her late husband Tom have five school-age children. Her personal blog is at The Mighty Widow.

Amanda Schrauben

When not making great salsa, Amanda is busy caring for her children and volunteering for local organizations. An avid amateur photographer, she has spent hours documenting her favorite sites around Lowell, a town she and her husband adopted as their own in 2003. Amanda is the involved with the PTO for Bushnell and Cherry Creek elementary schools, serves on the City of Lowell’s Planning Commission, and is involved in the effort to bring a community center to the community. Amanda is married to Andrew, and they have two sons. On her personal blog, she chronicles Life with Two Boys, a Husband and a Dog.